It is a very long way to Cornwall from pretty much everywhere except Devon. It is at the far end of an intermittent dual carriageway which is apparently stationary throughout the summer with people in caravans making the journey to the Cornish coasts. Cornwall is for people with kids. All the Inn’s, hotels, B & B’s have a number of pamphlets with activities for family days out.

In Cornwall there are a number of picturesque fishing villages. Each one is much the same as the other with a giant car park covering half the neighbouring area. The car park is full of bizarrely high numbers of dutch cars and coach loads of fat people from the midlands, who pour into the Fishing villages. These villages all sell exactly the same stuff. The fat people from the midlands wander to and fro eating ice creams before driving off to the next Cornish fishing village to do exactly the same thing. Then they troop off to the family activity centres which cover the Cornish countryside.

In every Cornish fishing village there are the same shops selling the following. Cornish pasties, maritime tatt, Pirate shite, fairy, dragon and crystal stuff. More Cornish pasties. Ice cream, fudge and more maritime tatt.

They catch a decent volume of fish in these villages and the local inns pride themselves on selling local freshly caught fish. Which they then batter, breadcrumb, fry, put in pies and soups and so on, but you have to go a long way to find a piece of grilled whole or fillet of fish. Apparently the fat people from the midlands like their fish as you get it from the chippy, covered in thick batter !

I am really glad I went to Cornwall because now I know I don’t have to go to Cornwall. I can stop in the lovely Devon seaside villages like Noss Mayo, Newton Ferrers, Salcombe or Dartmouth. From there you can have a pleasant seaside break and also get up onto the breathtaking Dartmoor for a wander. I am very pleased I now know this.  I can save myself a good couple of hours of travelling to a place that will be a great disappointment. I can stop at Devon.

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  1. Love this article Sandy! You are the first person to say it but every year I say ‘must go to Cornwall’ and never do – maybe I had a premonition!

  2. Whilst browsing your blog I came across this gem. What bothers me most about Cornwall is that many people seem not to work. Or are musicians/artists. It bothers me because a lot of money has to be poured into Cornwall to update the infrastructure, and what is Cornwall’s contribution to the nation’s bank account?

    I hope I’m not being too harsh, it is beautiful, but only for a few months of the year; otherwise it’s cold or wet or both, and no amount of clotted cream can make up for that.

    Lesley x.

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