Collusion Illusion

VictoryHere’s a thing, you know when you get so caught up in one story, that you lose sight of the bigger story? The story we’ve got caught up in is a daily tale of lies, deceit, delusion, bigotry, sexism, autocracy, racism, and ignorance that spews forth from the mouth of one person. Unfortunately that person is the 2ndmost powerful person on earth. Donald Trump. ‘2ndmost powerful person?’ I hear you say, when usually the President of the USA is the worlds most powerful individual.

We’ve been caught up in the daily horrors of Trump, and we’ve missed the point, well most of us have.

The Report from the Mueller investigation into Trump colluding with Russians to get elected is soon to be released. We may or may not learn of it’s contents. It doesn’t matter to us, it only matters to Trump. The damage is already done, or in the process of being done, to everyone else.

For months, years in fact, we’ve heard that the Russians were meddling in the US Presidential elections, and whether Trump and his cronies helped them. Whether Trump and his coterie of flunkies helped the Russians is actually beside the point although it appears to be the point exactly.

The point is this. Imagine 10 years ago if somebody told you Donald Trump would one day be President of the USA, you would have laughed. The Simpsons even made a satirical cartoon about such a ridiculous proposition, so preposterous was the idea. You would have laughed if you had only heard of Donald Trump, rather than knew much about him. If you knew anything about him, you most certainly wouldn’t have laughed, because it would have been the least funny thing possible.

Who would ever have countenanced a multiple bankrupt, a malignant narcissist, an ignorant bully, a vain, greedy, amoral, billionaire gangster? A deceitful, petulant, truth- averse, publicity seeker. A multiple adulterer, a lazy, infantile, draft dodging, sexist, racist, bigoted, climate change denying, xenophobic, conspiracy theorist ever getting anywhere near contemplating they would make a worthy President?

Only one person did. Not even Donald Trump would have ever thought enough people would vote for him to be President.

That anyone voted for Trump is incredible. His supporters, voters and enablers are the world’s most catastrophically stupid people. They are willfully ignorant, illiterate, easily led and ill informed. They aren’t all Americans. Trump has garnered a global fan-base of the ghastly.

There are millions and millions of people walking the earth who think the media is out to get Trump, who live in suspicion of someone who can look things up and write things down. These people believe those who believe the media are even more stupid than they are. It will never have occurred to them to consult the internet, or a media outlet from another side of the political spectrum to theirs. They would rather listen to a charismatic idiot in a red baseball cap with power and a platform, who shares their ignorant and repugnant worldview, than the majority of people who have common sense and a smattering of general knowledge

The greatest foe America has ever had is Russia.  This horrendous, dangerous, unimaginable state of affairs we have now, with the single most inappropriate individual ever to hold Presidential office outside some third world dictatorship is not actually Trumps fault. Trump is Trump; he’s always been what he will always be. A thoroughly vile human being completely unplugged from any sort of decent humanity.  Trump is also up to his fake tan and ridiculous wig in Russian debt and laundered money, plus everyone knows they’ve got old video archives full of old school dirt on him as well from his ‘alleged’ perverted dalliances with prostitutes. Trump is simply a Russian puppet, little more than the world’s most powerful plaything in the worlds most dangerous game.

So this is not a story of the success of Donald Trump, this is a story of the greatest feat of international espionage, manipulation and geopolitical control ever accomplished. Trump is President because the Russians put him there. He was their idea, their success. America’s greatest enemy has succeeded in putting the worst possible person for protecting American and the western worlds interests in charge of America.

He is now busy undermining alliances, dividing and weakening the USA, while alienating allies and courting dictators and tyrants. All this helps Russian interests.

Trump is endorsing hatred and division, bullying the weak, empowering Nazis, deceiving his supporters and lying to everyone and anyone about almost everything. He is surrounded by gutless lickspittle and pathetic flunkies who will tell him whatever he wants to hear, while undermining each other to curry his worthless favour. All this helps Russian interests.

Trump is the Russians greatest success, I believe he colluded with them, or rather allowed himself to believe this was all part of his doing when actually he was being played by someone far more powerful, and much more clever than he.  The collusion is irrelevant to anyone other than Trump. I hope he rots in prison for the crime of being someone like Donald Trump. That should be a crime on it’s own.

The story isn’t collusion, that’s just an illusion. The story is the unbelievable, inconceivable success the Russians had by installing their man as President of the United States.





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  1. Sandy, I’m disappointed that you have been so misled by the mob media. Since I know you are a fair-minded person, please read The Russia Hoax by Greg Jarrett.

    • Hi Norma, Greg Jarrett is ex Fox News, the mouthpiece or Trumps personal propaganda machine, owned by Murdoch. I get my information from all available outlets and the internet. My knowledge of Trump comes from way before the media had an ‘agenda’ and from his own Twitter feed, plus the things he says out loud, on Camera.

      • Gregg’s book has been sourced and proven from all angles. Don’t be so close-minded that you refuse to look at the whole story because you don’t like the messenger. History will not be kind to the FBI or DOJ in this debacle.

        • I have looked at the whole story Norma, you assume if I’m anti trump, I’m Pro Clinton, which I am not. They were both disasters waiting to happen. But Trump is there, being Trump in plain sight, lying out loud, all the time. The collusion is yet to be proven, but there for all to see. But as I also said, the collusion is irrelevant, beside the point. Nobody disputes the Russians hacked the election in an attempt to get their man elected. Which they did. Trump is a pawn, a thoroughly disgusting human being, but just a pawn in the Russian game.

  2. Great “Forest for the trees piece. Trump becomes his specialtydk: He is the distraction. History will record: 20 Jan 17 – Russia installs hand-picked leadership in America.

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