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Seeking Refuge.

Like everyone, I’m appalled and horrified to see the Russian invasion of Ukraine, It’s a world changing event on so many levels. The Psychopath, Putin seems hell bent on achieving the end […]


Some things you read are so terrible, you think they must be made up, or a conspiracy of some sort. You think, ‘yeah, nah, must be April fools day, because it’s so […]

Finished It!

Happy New Year, welcome to 2021. If you read my blog, you’ll be aware I’ve been trying to get around to starting to finish my book for years. Expert procrastination. But I […]

Eating Out

There’s an awful lot of, mostly awful, advertising on New Zealand television. Much of it the sort of thing you’d see on QVC in other countries. One of the most common phrases […]

Taking pictures

I know I usually string words together for the sake of amusement, entertainment, information or occasionally even inspiration, but I haven’t been feeling particularly wordy lately. What I have been doing a […]

2014. A summary

It’s the week before Christmas and all through the house…etc etc. It’s a funny Christmas, this one. I don’t think I’ve ever felt less Christmassy. I think it’s the dramatically disrupted year […]

In the news

When I lived in England I used to be an avid reader of newspapers. I used to watch the news on television every night without fail. Since returning to New Zealand my […]