New Zealand

Eastland Roadie.

This is more of a photographic record than an essay on the merits of Eastland, which is the big Eastern most chunk of the North Island jutting out into the Pacific Ocean. There’s an epic road trip to be had by following the road round the Cape. Just head north out of Gisborne and keep going, until you get to Opotiki about 330kms later or vice versa. It’s worth stopping everywhere along the way. This is just about the best New Zealand road trip, (roadie) there is, and one of the least travelled because it’s so remote. You are literally at the end of the world, and it’s awesome. Thankfully now, I can go reasonably often, as I have to travel to Gisborne for work every 6 weeks or so. Check it out. We stayed at Hicks Bay for one of the nights, before heading down to Opotiki, but the weather was shit, so we couldn’t see anything. Good excuse to go back and do it again ay? Basically, in order of travel the images are of Whangara, where they filmed Whale Rider, Tolaga Bay Wharf, Tokomaru Bay, and the derelict buildings, Te Puia Springs. Mt Hikurangi, St Mary’s Church at Tikitiki, East Cape Road and Raukokore which is where Taika Waititi is originally from.

Finally, I made a black and white image of that Maori protest van, because I reckon it’s cool and because I can.

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  1. A beautiful part of the world.

    We always stay at the Lottin Point Motel, the scenery is fantastic.

    A ‘run up’ the 800 (eight hundred) steps to the East Cape Lighthouse gets your heart into overdrive and is well worthwhile.

    Myself being originally from Lancashire in the U.K. a trip to the east cape is never complete without a visit to Wigan Bridge.
    It is all that is remaining of the Wigan township established 120 years ago by settlers from Wigan, Lancashire.

  2. Great pics, Sandy. Definitely a roadie to do, it seems. But then again, anywhere one goes in NZ it’s an awesome roadtrip, right? Your next book!

    • Hi Marlene, yeah nah. East Cape is awesome, but I’d rather put pins in my eyes than write another book. It was a horrendous experience I have zero desire to repeat. ☺️

  3. Thanks for the post, Sandy. We did this trip earlier this year (your weather was much better!) so thanks for the photos and memories. So many horses everywhere! And so different from other parts of the country (we live in Dunedin).

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