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More pictures, less words

I know the wordiness has become less and there is more photography. I actually get more joy from photography than writing. I think this is because I’m better at it, I don’t know. What I do know is that I will happily go to far greater lengths to capture a pleasing image than to construct a good sentence.

My speciality is Landscapes and New Zealand Birds. I’ve got no desire to photograph people or random things to look arty.

Since returning home from England I have got a much better sense and appreciation of the incredible natural beauty of New Zealand that is all around us, not just at the main tourist destinations. Our bird life is incredible.

So I photograph the stuff we New Zealanders see every day but often take for granted. I take my camera everywhere as I travel around the region and nationally. I’m lucky to be able to get about a bit.

Since I wrote to you last, I’ve been busy doing things with my photography. My images are now selling in a Cafe/Gallery, just mine.

I’ve entered a contest or two and set up an online shop. Oh yes, you can see where this is going already. Never mind, stick around because you don’t have to do anything. I’m just very proud of my little shop and my photographic achievements thus far so I thought I’d fill you in.

You don’t really want to be reading what I was tempted to write about anyway as it was leaning towards a sociopolitical rant and there is plenty of negativity in the media to keep you angry, you don’t need me to help.

Let me help you be cheerful instead, even if it’s just being pleased for me. I’m simply very happy with what I’ve achieved so far with my main passion. Photography.

So, this is the stuff.

I entered the annual Smithsonian Magazine contest. They get hundreds of thousands of images entered and my photograph of the incredible Rangitikei River Valley from Watershed Road was chosen as ‘Photo of the day’. Awesome!

Rangitikei River Valley – Photo of the Day

Secondly. I was selected as a contributing photographer for the highly respected New Zealand Birds Online Website.

NZ Birds Online

There is my online shop where people can buy stretched Canvases of my photography to adorn their homes should they feel inclined to do so.

Sandysviews on

So, please have a look and tell your friends. I’ve also been commissioned to create some photographic books of the local region and take photos of local properties for farmers and home owners. Photography is my passion and my hobby.

I even have a ‘thing’. Minimum Gear, maximum impact.

Oh, and there is also my photography blog. There’s a link to it up there, right at the top ^^^^

I’ve cleverly named the link, ‘My Photography blog’.  Have a look around!

I carry one camera and one lens in my little Billingham shoulder satchel. A Canon 60D and Canon EFS 18-200mm lens. When I’ve made some money I’ll upgrade the camera and lens as I feel lack the sort of resolution and clarity of image I need to go to the next level. Maybe it’s just me being fussy. But for now, I’ll be keeping an eye out for the awesome, always.

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  1. Rangitikei River Valley photo, just wow, wow, wow! Beautiful photo, well done you! I want to go there, lets go there! xx

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