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Dawn and Dusk


I wrote recently how I was of the opinion that despite the adage, a picture was not in fact worth a thousand words because I felt you generally needed so many words to describe the picture. My position, put simply, was that each great picture needed volumes of words to explain it. I was of course talking about art rather than photography, which often doesn’t need a descripion because the image captured is supposed to tell the story. You interpret the photograph to your own personal perspective.

I’ve been back in New Zealand now for nearly 9 months. I have been taking a lot of photographs because I’m a keen amateur photographer. Emphasis on the amateur. I have a nice camera and try to capture things I like the look of for posterity. Whose posterity I’m not exactly sure but I have a load of photographs. I’ve put a very few of those on the photographic pages of this blog or mostly on my social media outlets. Facebook, Instagram (I’m sandysviews on there as well) and Twitter but it occurred to me today that most of the people who come to my blog are not on any of those platforms so you’ve been missing out on my latest favourite thing to take a picture of, Sunrises and Sunsets. I can’t have you missing out so I’m going to remedy that.

I’ve been here in New Zealand with our incredible natural light and subsequently the most amazing sunrises and sunsets on earth happening right in front of me. I’m going to post a few here. These are just the start and end of any other day in New Zealand from my little corner of it. I hope you enjoy the selection. No filters or Photoshop effects or enhancements have been used. This is simply what I can see from where I spend my time. If you feel inclined to click on the photos you’ll get a larger image.

It’s nice here.

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    • Cheers OAH, I don’t remember this sort of thing over a Surrey field, I think the sunrise and set is more impressive here although Surrey can be very fetching on a spring day

  1. Hey Sandy, great shots. You’ve certainly captured the natural beauty of New Zealand, stunning and it only fills my heart further with excitement, excitement of returning home, 20 years almost to the day since the last time. Leaving Europe mid December to catch-up with the eldest son and his girlfriend on their new homestead in Alexandra on the South Island. Living in a camper van on the farm for a couple of weeks seems very appealing, followed by a quick blast around the north catching up with other family members. Can’t wait. I’ll share a few pics myself!
    PS, your photos would make a great calendar!

    • You’ll love it Martyn, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at the scenery around me everyday here. I’ve got a whole new perspective on it since being away for so long and coming home.

    • I have a Canon 60D Digital SLR but I’ve got some equally amazing pics of these on my iPhone camera. The DigiSLR enables me to mess around with the aperture and shutter speed but I think you could take photos like this with any old point and shoot camera. It’s really all about where you stand and what time rather than what you use I think. The harder part is trying not to have the camera overwhelmed by light when the sun is sharpest so the pic doesn’t look washed out. I’ve got plenty of those as well because I’m still figuring out my manual settings. Much trial and error 😁

  2. It is interesting that we tend to collect so many sun sets and sun rises, I have a hundred or more, some taken mid-ocean, some from my house, all special. I believe it is in our genes to honour the dawn and the dusk.

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