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Giving thanks


The season of getting together is upon us. Christmas, Thanksgiving and lots of other meals together with friends and family. Many like a grace, a thanks, a recognition of the event and the meal and we aren’t all Religious. So, if you want a non religious grace for your gathering. I’m happy if you like this one.

Thanks to those, the hale and hearty

Our companions at this gathered party

Thanks to the cooks, the creators of feasts

Thanks to those, the hunters of beasts

Thanks to those who tend the vines

and thanks to those who make them wines

The makers of food and tenders of flocks

The brewers and bakers and growers of crops

The folk who take wild things and make them a meal

The food and the wine over friendships we seal

We thank the stout people who carry the beer

We thank our good hosts for having us here

We give thanks that we are lucky, as life could be worse

But not for too long though, here comes the first course.


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  1. I enjoyed this the first time you published it and find it just as good today. What I will take issue with though is the “ the season of getting together is upon us. Christmas,” You are in danger of taking over where we all might hope the Supermarkets should leave off. It is mid September isn’t it, or have I overslept?

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