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We are not all equal. (Equality v fairness)

I have always maintained my rants are my own ill-informed opinion. That continues to be so of course. My opinion is stuff I know, think, or believe to be so, sometimes based on a conversation with someone in the know or stuff I have read and believe. My opinion today is that equality is bollocks. Gasp in horror if you like but I will say it again, equality is bollocks, bullshit even. I believe what we actually want rather than equality, is fairness. It’s not the same thing.  Aspiring to equality to me means aspiring to mediocrity. If you want equality, tell me, equal to what exactly? What is the median for surely there must be one?

I am not equal to some pond life who wants to steal for a living or spend a life leaching off my tax money. I do not want them to pretend to be equal to me. I am not equal to the Prime Minister and I am ok with that. Some people get very sniffy that the PM is a toff and went to Eton and Oxford. Well you know what? I am perfectly happy that our Prime Minister is a product of the best education system in the world. In fact I think that’s an important quality in a PM.

There are people who scream blue murder about the Royal Family existing. What would you put in their place? These Republicans despise the fact that the Royals were born to privilege. I also have no problem with that, lucky them. If we are to have a Royal Family, who bring billions of tourists and their money into Britain. I am absolutely fine with them having generations of experience in how to behave and run the whole pomp and pageantry thing.

If you want equality then you must tear down the top end surely as there is little chance of the barely evolved climbing out of their sink holes into polite society. What then? Of  course there must be elitism otherwise there is no aspiration. Without aspiration we all settle for the lowest common denominator and most people just aren’t like that. The ones who aren’t the scum of the earth, want the best for themselves and their families. Tell them equality is their best hope and why would they bother. When was the last time a lottery winner handed out their winnings in equal sums to everyone around them? Exactly!

What we should aspire to is fairness. Of course people must not be mistreated because of their many and varied issues that make them different, but by the very diversity of the world’s population we will never be equal. Let’s just treat people fairly. I use myself as an example, it’s the best one I have. I don’t want to be equal to anyone, I just want a fair crack of the whip. Measure me on my merits and see how we get on. I don’t ask you to lower the bar so I can compete equally with people, better educated, better looking, more clever or better dressed than me. I’ll do the best I am inclined to do but I don’t want you to impede the progress of the more able when I meet the extent of my ability.

We don’t need an equalities commission, nor to we need a Human Rights act. We just need sensible, well-educated and broad-minded people who are able to discern fairness. Apply fairness rather than enforce unequal equality.

I don’t even really believe in Human Rights apart from the right not to be killed or imprisoned for thinking the wrong thing.  That hardly ever happens here except to aspiring Terrorists, guess what I think about that? The Human Rights act takes the right intentions and makes a complete pigs ear of its application. I don’t think you should be born with a menu of entitlement despite having done nothing to earn it. I say, if you want Human Rights, then show by your actions that you deserve some. If you murder rape, steal, pillage or torture, you lose any rights that the general public have.  If you go about ruining people’s lives, you don’t get to cry that any punishment is an affront to your Human Rights. If you live a normal life, like a regular person, you will only ever read about Human Rights in the paper, you will never need to shout indignantly about your Human Rights. Let the Human Rights activists visit their good works on the oppressed in dictatorships and third world countries run by tyrants. Good luck to them in that venture.

I’m only going to touch briefly on the minorities of all types who aspire to equality. Sorry, you will never get there. Life is not equal, society is unequal. Ask instead for fair treatment and stop insisting upon rules being changed to give you an unfair advantage because you are part of a minority. Be reasoned in your request rather than shrill in your demands. Fairness catches on, it is a way of life, equality is a bandwagon. Life is not equal, accept that and just make the best of what you have been dealt. It’s part of life’s rich tapestry.

Save your indignant reprimands of my opinion. I am not running for Government, I am just saying what I believe. Maybe its my Human Right to do so. I haven’t looked it up.

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  1. Sandy: great post cannot add too much since I’m getting pissed here in HK surrounded by great birds (English, American and Chinese) so cannot think straight since I am an old fart of 72. Wo9uld love to have a drink one day!

      • After the Philippine San Miguel it is Chilean Savignon blanc. BTW I forgot to mention the Antipodean birds. jeez wish I was 40 years younger. If I was 50 years younger I would have blown the opportunity! You klnow, life’s a bitch and then you die! LOL.

  2. If I may be forgiven for interrupting this scandalous exchange (don’t you just hate it when others are having more fun than you) I enjoyed reading your post Sandy because essentially it is plain good sense. The problem is that what used to be common sense, isn’t any more so when it is found at all it has become good sense. By definition, in short supply.

    I was going to rabbit on about how evil ‘equality’ has become and how it has given birth to ‘positive discrimination’ (surely the more obscene because it matches the evil of negative discrimination but seeks to give itself credibility), but what’s the point? If you (the reader) understand these things, there is no point in repeating what you already know. If you (the reader) don’t, nothing short of a big stick wrapped across the top of your head is going to get your attention.

    So, good post and all done without ranting which, given the subject matter, is pretty good stuff. (I’m avoiding playing with JW’s ‘afterbirth’ thing, it just triggers too many memories, (of dealing with unpleasant things that is).

  3. Thanks Jwoo. Sorry for tardy response but I was playing my first and last game of golf for 16 years. Its hard work on a hot day, all that walking about in the long grass. However I started with 3 brand new golf balls and finished with 9 second hand ones. none of which were the ones I set out with. Anyway. I apologize for being serious for once but as you have noticed my blogging is eclectic my interests varied. I have yet to decide what my next rant will be about.

  4. But if you want “fairness” (as you say you do, though not “equality”) – how is it fair that kids with rich parents get to attend the educational establishments that make up “the best education system in the world,” while equally bright kids on council estates don’t? One argument would be that there aren’t any “equally bright” kids on council estates – though I don’t believe that myself for a moment. Or do you have another argument, and – if so – what is it? Since you seem like a fairly reasonable guy, I’d genuinely be interested to hear it.

    • Well I’ll be buggered. Thanks for reading it. I thought you might think it’s tory type bollocks. Its actually not. Im not a tory, (dont even know what conservatism is really) I am a matter of fact person and I hate people who demand stuff on a plate. If we are to succeed as a society we need people who aspire to improve, not accept the status quo, I guess. Anyway, thanks again for visiting even despite you being a leftie, all are welcome.

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