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The All Blacks will be fine, I’m staying away.

It’s largely my fault the All Blacks have failed to win a world cup. I have had a hideous time when the RWC has been on or the All Blacks have been under performing. I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time since I left NZ back in 1991. Let’s look at the facts.

In 1991 when we lost to Australia in the RWC Semi. I was in Australia, in the Outback, surrounded by Australians. Ghastly !

I arrived in the UK in late 1991 and in 1993 went to Twickenham to watch the All Blacks lose to England. Horrendous !

In 1994 when the All Blacks lost their first test series to France in New Zealand. I was working for a French company. Nightmare !

I was at home to watch the All Blacks try to play the springboks despite the fact they could barely stand. (Invictus) At least I was at home with family. Despair !

I returned to the UK and in 1997 returned to Twickenham with some English chums to watch the All Blacks draw against England. Gaaahhhh !

I secured tickets at £75 to watch us give the French an assured beating in the Rugby World Cup semi final at Twickenham in 1999. The All Blacks had a head explosion and let the French play their favoured style. We lost. I now have a French mother in Law. Pass me a gun !!

I don’t remember what happened in 2003

I am an optimist though and when the RWC returned to Europe in 2007 and the All Blacks were to play France in the quarter-final at millenium stadium Cardiff, I had to go. I got tickets, just £125!  bargain. How could we lose again surely ? The guys at work said to me on Friday night as I left the office. “what’s going to happen tomorrow Sandy? I told them their boys despite being unfancied would beat the Aussies by boring them to death. Our boys. The All Blacks, I know in my heart of hearts are going to have another head explosion against the French and lose. I am confident of this happening so to make me feel better, I am going to bet on both those results going against the book and win thousands of pounds which will console me somewhat. The odds were massive against both Australia and NZ losing the quarter finals. So we drove to the magnificent stadium and watched the French look like men possessed and the All Blacks look bereft of idea’s. The roof was shut and the noise was deafening and the French won.  As had the English that afternoon. I realise I have forgotten to place my bet. I now also have to speak to my French mother in law. I wished I was dead !

So this year, friends say to me “are you going home for the world cup Sand?”  I say no. I shall stay secure in my house and watch it on the television. I shall watch the All Blacks win handsomely and exorcise my demons.  please.

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  1. Alison and I are flying down to Queenstown on the 18th of July for 10 days. We have managed to get a couple of stand tickets for the All Blacks v Fiji game which is being played at Carisbrook the ‘House of Pain’ on the 22nd. This will be the final game played at Carisbrook (a new stadium has been built in Dunedin) – it will also (hopefully) be the start of an All Black winning streak which will go right through to and include the R.W.C. final

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