A movie was made a while ago about the South Africans who won the 1995 world cup !  A MOVIE ! Apparently its about triumph against the odds? Let us remind ourselves about that game and those gentlemen. Our greatest rugby foes, in their first world cup, at Ellis park. A  brutal Rugby cauldron at altitude, the toughest place in the world to play rugby and win. They are full of blood and thunder because they were playing in front of 70,000 countrymen and Nelson bloody Mandela. They were playing against an All Black team who could barely stand because they were so sick.  They had been ill for 48 hours!! The All Blacks that day, who should have been in hospital, took the hosts to extra time before conceding defeat and didn’t concede a try! The film should have been made about that, not the bloody Springboks who had every single element in their favour on the day anyway! Against the odds my arse. Not that I’m bitter of course.

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