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We need a seven!

A few weeks ago Jen and I went along to Great Tripetts Farm to watch the final of a polo tournament. Great Trippetts is an absolutely fabulous location for polo. They have created the most beautiful lawn in an amazing setting. Very civilised indeed. Anyway this was a high goal match, meaning that some of the best players in the world where playing including seven goal handicap layer Luke Tomlinson. Luke is the captain of the England polo team, there were also a handful of other seven and eight goal players on the pitch for the match. Polo handicaps only go up to 10 so these are serious boys.

In the 4th chukka Luke was hurt and had to be attended by ambulance. He played on but clearly uncomfortable. Towards the end of the 5th chukka he had to call it a day and limped off to the team tent.

There was some general milling about and head scratching until finally the team patron rode up to the assembled crowd of a few hundred and standing up in his stirrups called out “We need a seven”. He was asking if someone in the crowd just happened to be a seven goal player who fancied taking the place of the captain of the England polo team in the final chukka of the final of a tournament with the scores tied at 6-6. NO pressure !

The patron rode up and down a bit as funnily enough there were no takers. He eventually spied a couple of Argentinian looking lads in jeans and hoodies in the crowd and seemed to recognise them. He accosted them and cajoled them until finally one relented and wandered over the the team tent. He pulled on a team shirt and played in his jeans. He played very well and the team won. A great day was had by all and what a tremendous spot.

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