Worst hotel experience ever

This is a copy of my email to the hotel

I am so angry my hands are actually shaking. You will see I have Cc’d your group head office, I will also be posting this email on hotel review websites.

To Begin

We had some time ago booked a night in your hotel as my wife loves to visit France as often as she can as She loves France, her mother is French. Her grandfather in fact fought at Verdun and won the Legion D’honneur and the Croix de Guerre, but that is neither here or there. I just mention it as I am sure you just think we are some difficult English people. In fact I am not English, I am from New Zealand but that also not important

We have booked and paid for a Eurotunnel crossing which cannot be refunded. We were very much looking forward to our trip as my wife has a very very stressful job, and needs a calm relaxing weekend. Our plan was to stop at a supermarket once in France and have a pleasant shopping experience looking at all the wonderful gastronomique things available and treating ourselves. We were then going to arrive at your hotel which has positive reviews generally for a nice evening.

I received an email from you stating that dinner would be a choice of 45 euros or 65 euros, each, without wine as it was valentines weekend. I felt this was somewhat expensive so I replied asking for justification of the price. I was not sent a sample menu, just told that the menu would not be the same but not offered any detail.

I thought OK, I will phone to discuss it. I spoke with a man and asked him to please justify how he can charge the same price or more for the meal as some of the worlds best restaurants. For example for just a few euros more (certainly less in total if you include eurotunnel) I could have a special 7 course valentines menu meal at a michelin starred Gordon Ramsey restaurant. (£70) I said I would be expecting for the price you had quoted a gastronomic tour de force to justify the price. Can he please tell me what I would look forward to ??

He said he was going to cancel our booking, I explained I had not booked a table yet. He said, no the whole booking, he said he was cancelling our room. He felt I was being unreasonable in my simple and polite request to explain how the meal could be so expensive (on a world scale !) and what it might consist of.

So this is today, Friday, the day before we were due to depart on a break we had looked forward to for months. What chance do we have of finding an alternative hotel room who can give us dinner tomorrow night when everyone has booked for valentines??

So you have ruined my wife’s weekend, you have made her very upset that you have cancelled her break. That of course is very upsetting for me.

I certainly have no interest in the recomendations you have made as you have demonstrated that you accept appaling treatment of your potential guests to the extent that if they ask you a question you dont like or cannot justify you take draconian action to ruin our holiday. I do not wish to be referred by you to people who may share this view with you certainly

However. just to close. Your head office people may do some investigation on this and I am confident this will horrify them. I hope they take a very dim view that one of their chain staff was so rude and caused such ill feeling over such a trivial issue as me questioning the value of the menu that he chose to completely destroy our whole valentines weekend break.

Just to make a suggestion if you are still in business in the future. When asked by a potential guest what was the value on the menu. you could have said “it is a wonderful freshly prepared menu using fresh produce that our chef has taken great care over to make sure you will remember your stay with us please find following an example of the menu”.

Instead he cancelled our holiday in a fit of pique.

I will watch with interest how this develops

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  1. Bugger all actually, the hotel group did nothing and didnt care, We did find a very nice alternative which turned out better than this place anyway, so all good

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