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Most amazing kiwi sports story ever

In the history Of New Zealand, only 6 men have played both Rugby and Cricket for NZ at international level.

In NZ rugby history, one of the most controversial moments was Andy Hadens famous cheating dive from the line out to give NZ a chance of a penalty kick to win the test against Wales in 1978. At the time the game was almost over and NZ were 2 points down. Andy Hadens cheating was horrendous. (But not actually what the penalty was awarded for which was another infringement behind him in the line out)

To put it into perspective From 1968 to 1982, Wales were invincible at the Arms Park. For 14 seasons they dispatched every nation that entered the Cardiff Stadium – a record 27 matches unbeaten. The one blip was a 19-16 defeat to the 1972-73 All Blacks. The Welsh were confident they could send the All Blacks away with  a beating. So the penalty kick. The Atmosphere was murderous. The Welsh were incandescent and there was about a minute to go. Massive pressure on the kicker. The goal kicker that day was Brian Mckechnie. He kicked the goal and NZ won the match by one point.

In NZ cricketing history, one controversial moment stands head and shoulders above anything that ever happened on a cricket pitch anywhere in cricketing history. The infamous “underarm incident”.  A series between NZ and Australia was tied 1-1. in the deciding match NZ got to the last ball needing 6 runs to tie the game. Australian Cricket captain and prize (bleep) Greg Chappell ordered his brother Trevor to bowl the delivery along the ground so the batsman had no chance of hitting a six.

After the incident, the then Prime Minister of New Zealand, Robert Muldoon, described it as “the most disgusting incident I can recall in the history of cricket” going on to say that “it was an act of true cowardice and I consider it appropriate that the Australian team were wearing yellow”. Even the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, called the act “contrary to the traditions of the game.”

Commentating for Channel 9 at the time, former Australian captain Richie Benaud described the act as “disgraceful” and said it was “one of the worst things I have ever seen done on a cricket field.” According to Benaud, Greg Chappell “got his sums wrong” and instead of using Dennis Lillee for the last over, he was forced to use his brother Trevor, a considerably less talented bowler.

The batsman facing that ball was one Mr Brian Mckechnie. The same poor bloke who had to kick the goal to break Welsh hearts 4 years earlier.

I think that’s an amazing coincidence

Here is me telling it

here is the last over

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