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An open letter to Emirates Team New Zealand, from Team New Zealand.

Manukau Heads lighthouse Manukau Heads lighthouse

G’day Deano and the crew.

This is from us back home. You’ll be having some strategy meeting. Knocking around a few ideas. Hell, you might even be asleep. Us at home? We’re doing that too. You’ll have your eye on the big picture, the San Francisco bay weather, the clouds, the rules, what the Americans (or is it Aussies?) are doing to their boat over night. Probably giving the big outboard motor a polish, if the last few days are anything to go by.

We don’t know about any of that stuff. We know bugger all about sailing. I don’t mean that lot by the sea up North with their flash boats sitting around the yacht club yelling at the television in some nautical language we don’t speak, they know about sailing. I mean us. The rest of us out in New Zealand.

We are getting up every morning to watch you and the boys taking on the Billionaire at a sport none of us know about. We want you to win it for us. You’ve got New Zealand written on the boat. That’s our boat. We are Team New Zealand.

We should be going to work or school, some of us are and taking a radio or even a TV along. Most of us though, are at home or by a TV somewhere, anywhere, watching you and the boys racing up and down San Francisco bay after a little yachting cup with someone else’s name on it. We don’t know what a jibe or a tack is. Well we didn’t but we do now. We don’t know what a lay line is or why some of you keep running back and forth across the boat. We have no idea how it goes so fast into the wind or why it looks like a space ship on water. How it doesn’t even seem to float in the water, but skims on those ‘foils’. We just know it has New Zealand written on it and that’s who we are.

We are out there in places often nowhere near the water watching every race. We aren’t sailors, most of us have never been on a yacht. We run coffee shops in Tirau. We drive trucks in Te Kuiti. We are sitting on a quad bike on the side of a hill near Hunterville with the commentary on an old transistor radio. We teach kids in Palmerston North, or we would if they weren’t at home watching the America’s Cup. We are talking about the days races (or not) with people we don’t know in the pub after work in Westport. We compare our new expert opinions on yacht racing with strangers on a commuter train from Tawa. Outside New Zealand we are in Edinburgh, Munich, London, LA, and Lima. Doha, Goondiwindi, Cairo and Helsinki, wherever we are, we’ve found a way of watching. We are even on the waterfront in San Francisco. We made a special trip. We are Team New Zealand and our name is on the boat.

This is what we do you see. We get behind our people in black taking on the world. All of us. We become experts in things we knew nothing about. OK, we need the television to put graphics all over the screen so we know what’s going on. We listen to the commentators telling us things as though we were all sailors. We aren’t though so we don’t know what they are talking about. What we know now is that you have to win the start and you have to win the finish. The stuff in between? No idea mate. But we are Team New Zealand and our name is on the boat. You do the sailing, we’ll be willing you to win, that’s our job, all of us. No other country does this like we do. This is who we are. This is why we win. When you take on Team New Zealand, you take on the whole country. We’re watching Deano, all of us.

We are Team New Zealand and our name is on the boat. Let’s write it on our cup and stick it on the mantelpiece.

Just one more to win Deano, see you soon mate. Bring the cup home.



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        • hoping he will share it with Dean and the rest of the crew before sailing tomorrow. i WANT to see them win tomorrow! however, today they were saying there might be a bit more wind tomorrow than there was today. i have my camera on a tripod and had to hold it VERY tight & steady in the brisk gusty winds!!

        • Such good words, so many of us are behind them all the way, whichever way it goes. They have done our country proud, and no one could ask for more than what they have given.

      • Thanks Sandysview. We are New Zealanders and we’re in a little landlocked rural town in NSW, Cowra. Yes, George is getting out at 6.00 am every morning and early rising isn’t his forte. George is proud to be a kiwi every day he turns up to face those Aussie’s at Council. I am proud to be a New Zealander too.
        We love your letter to Deeno and the boys and we will be up to watch them take that race tomorrow. Thanks for your positive letter. We will be barracking too.
        Like You – Proud New Zealand is on that boat.

    • So true Sandy….kiwis are living eating and breathing with Team NZ. Go out there Deano and the boys feel the wind on your face and embrace what you know and do so well and just enjoy the excitement of a race that you have done so many times before tomorrow is no different from the first day you raced around the course and across the finish line in front….visualize that again, feel that moment you felt many times before and the cup is yours. We love you guys.

    • What a wonderful article ! Just to let you know, New Zealander’s are not the only people pullying for Team Ne Zealand – I happen to live in Tennessee, USA. I am so impressed by the Spirit of Team New Zealand ! I am one American pulling for THE TEAM !

  1. Nicely put! It’s what many of us are feeling and thinking and doing. Willing the team, our team, Tima Aotearoa, Team New Zealand. Come on boys, finish this and bring the auld mug home, pleeeeeeeease.

  2. Thanks Sandy for these words. Win or lose ETNZ has done wonders for our tiny country’s global visibility. Every New Zealander will prosper because these guys went where many much better resourced nations feared to go. When the true David and Goliath nature of this ETNZ campaign is eventually reported accurately by a journalist capable of old fashioned investigative ‘journalism’ Kiwis everywhere will be immensely proud.
    Justine Ross.

  3. Beautiful Sandy – thank you! No matter what the result tomorrow, these boys have done more for us than will ever be appreciated – they deserve to come home as Heroes! and they deserve our belief until the bitter end……let’s go get this thing tomorrow – COME ON ETNZ!

  4. I can’t believe that some Kiwis are giving up on Emirates Team New Zealand – they should be shot at dawn for treason! Your letter will encourage everyone to stick with the boys! Thanks heaps!

  5. I didn’t know anything about sailing, but now I’m watching every race with baited breath! Good luck for tomorrow TeamNZ!

  6. Fantastic Sandy. They have all worked so hard – the crew on shore and the crew on the boat. No matter what happens now, I’ll always be really proud of them. Good luck guys!

  7. Totally with you and have been tweeting and Facebooking to all and sundry today to say a similar thing – that we are all there behind them, no matter what. Loved all of this, except for this bit “I don’t mean that lot by the sea up North with their flash boats sitting around the yacht club yelling at the television in some nautical language we don’t speak. I mean us. The rest of us out in New Zealand.”. Didn’t think you really need to make a division in NZ. No matter who you are, what your background, your job, your income is – we’re all kiwis rocking it out. Don’t make it an anti-auckland thing – we’re all kiwis. xx

    • Thanks Jenene. I know those in the North with the flash boats are behind ETNZ as well, Good point. It was more to do with knowing about sailing or not. I’m not anti-Auckland though. Not at all. I’ve modified the words a wee bit to clarify the point. Cheers

  8. Good stuff mate, I’m an aussie through and through but when it is not Australia I am backing it is always the team across the ditch who gets my support.. good luck tomorrow guys, any time the ‘stars of the Southern Cross’ can beat the rest then I ( and I am sure a lot of the rest of us) are right behind you.

  9. wow i am crying while reading this! and i was not even born in nz! i am so proud to call myself a Kiwi! we love our sport and we are super proud of this little country at the bottom of the world. we are mighty!!!

  10. This brought a little tear to my eye! Wonderfully written. After all the negative comments I have come across today this was much needed. Let’s do this boys!

    • Thanks Aimee. Me too actually and I bloody wrote it. 🙂 I’m amazed at the support this has got. Kiwis are backing our boat. We are Team New Zealand. Our name is on the boat. Thanks for reading. xx Enjoy tomorrow

      • PS…not only Kiwis, but Americans are also backing our boat! Plenty of US support i personally know about for the “real sportsmen” in this regatta, ETNZ.
        Ag….so if the cup doesn’t come to NZ, our boys have done us SOOO proud, and so many people have gained such immense respect for this class team…it’s not about the silverware…it’s about the lasting impressions.
        But hey, bring it home anyway, boys. (just because, hey!)

  11. Thank you Sandy for your words of encouragement. I hope they are able to see this and be encouraged. We are Team New Zealand and our name is written on the boat!

  12. This is the essence of proper sport – a team with everything on the line, and the entire country standing behind them. Brilliantly written! (from New Hampshire, USA)

  13. Absolutely have faith in these guys, they are awesome, and I will never give up on keeping the faith. Everything will be crossed for you guys in the next race and like the world cup, you only need 1 point to win!! Good Luck and bring it home… win or lose we are proud of your hard work and determination.

  14. Watching you guys with my class every morning. 27 ten year olds think you are champions already. What a can do attitude you have displayed to my kids. Bring it home boys. Hold ya head high. We are proud!!!

  15. From the desert of Western Australia, on nightshift at a goldmine. Pushing the refresh button on my phone repeatedly looking/waiting for that good news tomorrow morning. Go Deano. Go TNZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Oh my goodness. So well put Sandy! And yep, its not New Zealand taking on America; its New Zealand taking on the world (given its a boat crewed by anyone but Americans!) Go guys…. we’re all so proud of all you’ve done!

    (Oh and whichever way it goes tomorrow, can’t we say we’ve won anyway – I mean, didn’t we (NZ) have a hand in building BOTH boats!! 😉 )

    • Yes! exactly what i’ve been saying all along,…it’s NZ against the world, powered by Larry and Larry has more money than god…

    • you are right on there….we did win…and our boys are winners regardless of the results tomorrow…I have enjoyed watching so many people pull together …talking to strangers…this race has made us all one…just wonderful…

  17. Kia Kaha boys. Bring it home. Although I live in the USA now, I am forever “loyal”. Drove 23 hours to watch the boys in San Fran. Still flying my kiwi flag high on the flag pole. We can do it and we will do it!!!! Its our time. “Proud” is an understatement of Deano and the rest of the crew. Still bleed Black even after 21 years in the USA.

  18. Proud as punch, whichever way it goes! Screw all those with negative minds… One more race, And we will win it! You are superstars boys!

  19. I’m in San Francisco, and I am cheering for ETNZ….for all the reasons you put in the letter. Love your country, for the people. Brilliant letter.

  20. Emirates Team NZ the Americas cup is not just for New Zealand It is for the rest of the world not just some spoiled brat American Billionaire So God Speed Boys and bring the Old mug back to Aotearoa so that other countries can afford to put a syndicate up in the next challenge so what I am saying is that not only team NZ is behind you so is the rest of the world KIA KAHA… now get me some bacon & eggs B%#@ (BOSS) Jake the Muss.

  21. As an Aussie we travelled to San Francisco to fully support our neighbors from across the ditch. When it’s a sporting event between our two counties I’ll back Aus all the way. But when it’s us against anyone else in the world the Anzac spirit lives on strong and proud.
    Bring it home ETNZ.

  22. Thanks Sandy for the great words; also bought a tear to my eye here in the Philippines. New Zealand is a great country and we have proven we can mix it with the big boys in everything we do!!!! All the best to the team tomorrow……… its all on the line now…….. But like you say, win or lose, we have already won. Go New Zealand and Team New Zealand.

  23. Dont feel too upset if we dont win it.

    Our pride wont be dented. Kiwis will be happy and when ya come back home, you will get a hero’s welcome.

    There’s always next time.

    The world may not be watching this event, the usa, australia, europe and asia may not even know its on.

    But ya giving kiwis plenty to cheer about, and that is what its all about.

    • Many of us are following this big event form Europe, and we are at your back ETNZ. Many other nations wish ETNZ to win today. GO ETNZ!

  24. Proud to be an adopted New Zealander. U boys have shown the world, it’s not the size of your country that matters, it’s the old Number 8 Wire Attatude that makes us great. Fantastic effort in the dingy racing boys, we are so proud of u.

  25. Well said & you know what? ,,,if a win is not to be, we are still so full of pride for these guys,,,every single one of them for the sacrifice they have made to take on the “bottomless money pit”. Proud to be a kiwi? too bloody right!!! Go Kiwis,,,the NZ Team is right behind you all!!!

  26. Never a truer word spoken! Quite aside from the sentiment, it’s just a beautiful beautiful piece of writing. So glad I stumbled upon it as I needed the pep talk myself…! here in Abu Dhabi races kick off at midnight the wear and tear on the spirit is starting to show. I’m feel reenergised and ready to take them on tonight…. Go Team New Zealand! (from another person who had no idea how much she could come to love sailing).

  27. Team New Zealand,… you have already made us proud….The cup is the Icing on the Cake…You have the world behind you on this last race, cheering you along ….I have the Tea…now we just want that Cake….GO EMIRATES TEAM NEW ZEALAND….

  28. Come on Guys this is now the time to open up and bring that boat home first tomorrow, you have had your practises, now go out there and do it, yes you are still going to be stars in our eyes, our best of luck for tomorrw, kia kaha guys.

  29. Good stuff Sandy, I’m in Masterton and I can say there’s passion and commitment to backing our team. Its amongst everyone, not just lawyers and accountants its the average, man, women and children. Go ETNZ, fly like you’ve never flown.

  30. Married to an ex-pat who has his best mate and wife visiting the states. You can safely add New Orleans and Fort Lauderdale to the list of places they’ve been cheered on from!! We have rooted for days for our Kiwi’s from many bars and airport monitors.. ONE, just one more!! From an American supporter… GO TEAM NEW ZEALAND!!!

  31. Wow this bought a tear to my eye..This is how I felt today out on San Francisco Bay, I wanted New Zealand to win so much, because in their country little old ladies are wearing red socks to go shopping out of support for their team. Mothers are calling their daughters who live in the USA and its all they can talk about, is the America’s Cup. They are the under dogs, they even had part financial support from their government. They are all New Zealanders sailing that boat, which means a lot to me. All of New Zealand is rooting for them to win, the entire country. The last two days we have watched live from San Francisco Bay on a small 25ft sail boat “Twilight Zone” and all of us want them to win. Is it just money making one boat separate itself from the pack today? Maybe. The heart of America’s cup goes to New Zealand, no matter what the outcome tomorrow, for the Kiwi’s know what it means to stand together as one. Bless your beautiful hearts.

    • I’m impressed with your comment. As a true born and bred New Zealander we are a proud country. When we enter a team we enter a whole country even though we are at the bottom of the world we stand tall as if we were a very large country. STAND TALL TEAM NEW ZEALAND. Thanks for your support.

      • a week ago i was at Alcatraz Island to snap pixs of the racing and saw two little old ladies (i understood most of what they said 😉 ) and they were wearing those red socks too, but theirs had NZL 60. they said theirs were the originals from years ago! 😉 go kiwis!!

  32. Very ,Very proud to be born in New Zealand, Bring it home Emirates Team New Zealand you have worked so hard for so long you really deserve the reward, from all the proud Kiwis all over the world let our hearts lift you and guide you to the finish line!

  33. To our boys, ETNZ you have one race, one chance, one win ahead of you. Use your top two inches and some mongrill from start to finish. Drive the beast like she is stolen and do us proud. Put us in the best wind and outa the tide, fast tacks and clean jibes. We are behind you every step of the way. Kia Kaha

  34. All the way from Moerewa, Northland. We even have them stopping on the side of the road listening in via car radio well going to work, school etc….you got us all behind you whether we win or lose. Its been a awesome journey watching you all.

  35. Love this letter. A great NZ booster for the boys from home. You do the country proud. From NZ – all the best for tomorrow and may the wind be from the right direction!

  36. We have been glued to the TV or watching the race on cell phones. We are two of thousands and thousands in NZ or overseas who are part of “Team New Zealand” and who are so proud to be New Zealanders and know what you represent. We are with you all the way.

  37. Well said and beautifully written – we are all behind our boys and if love and will can help win this last and crucial race we are sure to bring this cup home. Good luck guys – we are all LEANING with you!

  38. This is an awesome bit of writing and one that really got me thinking of just how great our country is with people such as you in it. As a kiwi Im so proud of our boys and the feeling of unity they have given us. Thank you for bringing it all back into perspective.

  39. thanks for this open letter so well-written. hoping it will kick them into overdrive tomorrow and get that cup to kiwi-land. bless all of you and don’t stop rooting for your team because you’re ALL part of the team! this is all coming from one american who knows a fast boat. i’ve seen them on the tele and in fotos when they first started trial runs of their first 72 and the second 72 in home waters. i’ve watched them since day one after they arrived in San Francisco and they have always been the fastest, the most stable and the best on the water. let’s all will Team New Zealand tomorrow to win!

  40. An absolutely outstanding letter !!!! It would be great for the boys to read this somehow? We absolutely love and believe in the boys 100 percent plus. They will do everything in their power to finish across the start line first !.

    You have our full love and support all the way!!. You make us VERY PROUD!!!


  41. you took the words right out of my mouth and here I am at my desk trying to hold back the tears as I read your letter and everyone’s comments.So I’ll add another dimension to support Dean and the crew…harness the greatest power of all to help the Lads by asking the big guy up there tonight and tomorrow for all that we need to win that race… Look at what happened to David & Goliath, put it to prayer, what have we got to lose? Enjoy the race and Go ETNZ you can do it!

  42. Wat an awesome letter…. bought tears to my eyes. The whole of NZ is behind Team NZ and we are with u right to the end. The fat lady has not sung her song yet!
    Be proud of who u r and where u come from and sock it to those Yanks!

  43. Come on boys you can do eet!!! You have the whole population of NZ (including all those overseas) absolutely glued to whatever form we can follow for each race every single day. There wasnt this amount of support for the AB’s and the Rugby World Cup and with a sport a lot of us dont really understand (but we are all learning really fast). Keep calm and sail on and bring home that auld mug for us.

  44. Beautiful words Sandy. No matter what the outcome tomorrow, we are all very proud of Our Team New Zealand and their battle against the giants.

  45. this morning I was so very disappointed I thought to heck with it; then someone sent me this and I realised I was being a fair-weather supporter- and that’s just wrong. I’m sorry. This brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. We are all Team New Zealand; we are all there with you in spirit, every second. You can do this guys, you have what it takes- you are winners. Believe, as we do. Kia kaha and bring it home!

  46. From Collie in WA, Australia………..we watch you every morning at 4am and we are so proud of you and our men. Dean, you and your team can do this…….this is your time….The “Black Magic” spirit of all New Zealander’s will definitely be with you and the team tomorrow. God speed and sail hard. Kia kaha

  47. What a fantastic letter, love it, and love the comments above, very proud to be a Kiwi, love that we are all kiwis on our boat, like they said above you have already made us proud, the cup is just the icing on the cake, gooooooooooooooooooo Team NZ – lean with Dean, we are right behind you xxxx

  48. I am reading all the comments. It’s amazing to see all the support for Team NZ. Well not amazing, Fantastic is a better word. I can’t reply to all of them. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    • Tu Meke Sandy. A stunning letter that reminds this far-distant Kiwi of the indomitable, unique spirit that binds us all. Right behind our boys, so proud of Aotearoa and all who sail in her 😉 Kia Kaha.

    • Well done on your kind words in your letter to ETNZ, I too had a tear in my eye. Can our combined prayers be answered in the last race? We know they are doing there best and they do deserve to win. Whatever the outcome we will be proud of them all for their commitment and stamina. Dean is amazing, go guys we are all behind you.


  50. My boss is there with the boys as they are a sponsor; I’ve emailed it to him in the HOPE he sees it before tomorrows race and gives it to Grant D. Can we get it sent to Campbell Live maybe?

  51. Hi there
    I am not a Kiwi. I am a sailor. I know how TNZ is feeling right know. I know as I hve been so often on the dame position. Beeing the winner half way down the race and finally on the brink of loosing it all. Sailing is a strange sport. As soon as you take it serious it kills you. You loose everything, bit by bit. It is all in the head. As soon as you forget about expectations, starting to see it as a game, what it is after all. It is just a game and there will ne a next time to win the game. As soon as you start to knoe it doesn’t matter what the result is, just having fun, enjoying the speed of those wonderfull andvextremly demanding boats the head is free and you are in it again. So don’t put more pressure on the team tell the team that they are great even on loosing the match. That you will still love them and that you support them when it is time for another revanch. I am really thankfull for that regatta, it is marvellous to see them flying over the water. Wish I could go with them just for one day. They did and do a great job out there.
    I wish TNZ all the bedt and good luvk for the final race.

  52. Had my son & daughter in the USA alert me to this. I am so glad they did, even if it made me cry. Thank you for putting this together for all of us. I will be sharing it in as many places on the net as I can. Our hearts and thoughts are with Grant, Dean, all our hard working shore and boat boys, and all their families all the way! We are indeed Team New Zealand and our name is on the boat! Bring it on home, guys.

  53. And the spin offs will be there will be a whole new generation of kiwi kids joining yacht clubs and becoming boat builders because they were inspired by you guys in ETNZ…awesome, thank you so much!!

  54. Amazing Letter of Support, absolutely love it !! Bought a lump to my throat. Kia Kaha Team New Zealand – Sail Fast , Sail Safe and Bring it on home tomorrow.

  55. Lee Badham shared a link.
    37 seconds ago
    Utter faith in you guys!….and of course the ULTIMATE MOTIVATION package tomorrow?….beating the Aussie bloke 😉 With you every boat length of the way. You are all superstars on the boat and on the shore and you make me proud to be a Kiwi. bring it on home Team 🙂

  56. i hope these guys see this- thank you for posting what a number of us feel (including us JAFA’s)- as NZ’ers we are so good at bagging people when the chips are down. These guys have done amazing and they have truly brought the spotlight on NZ. Their sportsman ship has been second to none- as far as I no they have not said one bad word- even today- Dean was giving credit to Oracle- that makes me proud that he is showing that this is what we kiwis SHOULD be like. No matter the outcome (a win would be great) these boys have worn their hearts on their sleeves- it;s been obvious that to them this is more than a paycheck this is about pride in our country. So Go hard ETNZ and then come home…… you deserve a well earned rest.

  57. Win or lose we should all be proud of what these men have achieved. That is an outstanding open letter, makes one remember that it’s about being a ‘Proud Kiwi’. Thank you.

  58. C’mon boys bring that cup home, watch your back, watch the start, watch the tact, watch the marks, last chance, we’re a team with you all to the finish Proud to be a Kiwi ❤

  59. These guys are so inspiring. They have the spirit of Aoteroa with them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful it they had a haka before they left for the water tomorrow 😊

  60. Thanks Sandy for writing this. It gave me a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. I am living in Aussie now but getting up at 6.00am every day to watch the racing. I am sick of all of these fair weather fans blaming Dean. Imagine how they must be feeling knowing the whole of NZ is depending on them to win the cup. I will be sitting on the edge of my seat tomorrow morning to watch the last race. Good luck Deano and the boys, I know you can do it!!!

  61. We are all behind you Dean you have already done us proud ,all the best for this last race whatever the outcome we know you have given it your all as has the rest of the team and that’s all we can ask .SO hang in there and know we are right with you

  62. I love the way you write, Sandy. And you are right – that’s just what we do as our name is on the boat. I just hope we don’t do what we often do in NZ if we don’t win that Cup tomorrow: that is to crucify the guys for losing and go on and on about it. Because that’s what we do in NZ.

    • If that is correct Michele, then that sort of action and mentality should stop. TNZ worked hard to get where they are now. They did superbly during the few few races till rich-boy’s crew changed stuff on their boat. Stick by this team New Zealand through fair weather and storms. No more pointing fingers, no more blaming. They are ALL winners and got to a great position and everyone should be proud!!

    • Thanks Michele, So good to see NZ still backing our team. We were epic, didn’t win. But just wait until they get home. We’ll see what Team New Zealand looks like.

  63. That was “AWESOME” and very true I’ve lived in Asia for more than 10 years of my life curently in the Philippines if it has New Zealand on it were behind you guys 100% “KIA KAHA TEAM NEW ZEALAND” Bring home the CUP

  64. To all you kiwis in San Fran,come on get down to the bay early and haka our boys on before they head out for the last race. They really need that kiwi mana,spirit and pride to pick them up so get down there and do it on behalf of all us from Aotearoa. Lets bring it on home

    • I’ve been down there among the kiwis and i’ve noticed for over the last few days the kiwis at the locations i’ve been to have been extrememly quiet. sure they have their little flags, some wearing flags as capes, and hanging big kiwi flags so that Dean and the crew can see as they sail by. BUT when i see the TNZ 72 sail by, there’s not a kiwi yell at all! this is in deep comparison to days ago when they screamed and hollered when the NZ 72 sailed by. what happened? i’ve been urging on the kiwis to be vocal – VERY vocal – and the lone reply i got was “we’re nervous!”. well, if you’re in SF and reading THIS reply, you better start screaming at your boys. New Zealand needs a new cup to drink from!! Help them along and show your support – waving a flag ain’t enough!!! Let them hear your roar as they sail by!!!

  65. That is the best letter, we are still praying for a win tomorrow, how did Oracle get so turbo charged? If only we had the millions to do what they have done. We are Kiwis, a little country floating around down here, and we achieve so much.

  66. HI from Albany Creek Brisbane.Been here 26years and BLACK is my favourite colour.You have done us proud boys.You can take the kiwi out of N.Z. but you can never take the kiwi from our hearts.No matter what do it the kiwi way.God speed and bring it home

  67. Fabulous letter – endorse whole-heartedly. Team NZ, support crew and families are fantastic.
    Us 2, in our mid 70s, are every morning, in front of tv preparing for count down (make sure blood pressure pills taken!). Even my mum of 92 has watched since Louis Vuitton stated.
    We feel so privileged to be able to watch you Dean and your crew handling these amazing examples of man’s ingenuity and know how.
    Whichever direction tomorrow goes, we thank you Team NZ for your huge efforts, expertise, and dignity on behalf of us all here in N.Z. You make us proud.
    In the words of Peter Lester “Go you good thing! Go”

  68. And there are even germans who start feeling like being a kiwi! All by watching you guys sail…! Every day, again and again, with no complaining, nothing…
    Go get that cup, nobody else deserves it! Get it for your team at home!!!!

  69. Team NZ the whole of NZ…including the littlest kiwis are following you….delayed school starts or days off as my six year old wants to watch and gets up to switch on the coverage……we feel for you…they have the $$$ but we have the heart and the Mana………we have your back. Do it for NZ everywhere . Kia kaha

  70. I remember a picture years ago of a large TNZ AC Boat and about a 1000 or so little OPTI sailboats gathered all around theTNZ boat.As they say a picture says it all.Thats the NZ spirit
    Good luck and sail on TNZ.

  71. If you don’t win Deano and the rest…..can I have my money back so NZ can have more teachers and more nurses and more artists?? Pfft

  72. Please tell me ETNZ will get to see your inspiring letter! You have me in tears. You have verbalised what I have been feeling all day…and I’m not even Kiwi-born, but so proud to have become one 10 years ago. ETNZ is a class team in every way. This AC has been about a NZ crew (water and ground) vs an International one. We are brave and strong, and even if we don’t win the cup…we still are the winners. No argument.

    • Look at you Marlene, how amazing is your support? They got the letter. It was read to them. I had a message to say so and then it was on the news. So amazing. What could have been ay? Still, it wasn’t and now we will welcome them home as heroes. Thanks so much for all your comments and amazing enthusiasm. Good on your Marlene. x

  73. Good luck boys! We’re holidaying in Thailand but getting up at 3am to scream you lads home. Bring it home, you guys rock!

  74. It has been gut wrenching to see three wins snatched away from our boys by bad weather conditions. ETNZ deserve to win this race TOMORROW!!! Our hearts and souls are with you tomorrow Deano and TEAM NEW ZEALAND. Pull a rabbit out of the hat and bring the cup home! God loves a trier and our team have certainly done that! But win or lose tomorrow, you are all heroes. You gave it everything you had and that is good enough for us!

  75. we’re all right behind you emirates team new zealand the waterfront is waiting for the big party to welcome you all home. good luck for tomorrow and sail hard.

  76. As an Aussie I get up every morning in the hope of seeing Team New Zealand bring it home. Know its not just your nation supporting you. A lot of the rest of us do too! Come on boys, stand proud, stand tall and finish them off!

  77. COME ON DEANO AND THE LADS!!! You owe it to yourselves, 1 last heave, work hard, be aggressive, be smart and most of all, ENJOY AND FEEL THE FEELING OF WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO WIN! We are right behind you TEAM NZ! Kia Kaha!!!

    Terry, Taranaki / Manchester Uk

  78. My name is Paul. I’m from Portland, Oregon. And I’m absolutely certain that Sandy is spot on for Kiwi’s near and far. But I have to say you don’t have to be born a Kiwi to love this team, to love their heart, their fierceness, and their never say die resolve. I don’t hate or dislike Larry Ellison, I don’t know him or care about his billions. What I do care about, is a team that has fought for this Auld Mug for decades and has won brilliantly and lost with heartache and through it all fought with every fiber of heart and soul. Expect no less tomorrow. The boys will give it their all. I’ll be their to support them. Where ever you happen to be, Be loud and be proud in your support of the best sailing team on the planet.

  79. I’d like to add my thanks too, Sandy. A true blessing in the right Spirit. To Dean, you never cease to impress your fans, including a ‘never sailed’ sailor wannabe. You are a true sporting hero, Dean. I have watched you daily and noticed that at no time did you return ‘evil for evil’, no matter what barbs the opposition was handing out. How can a man continue when the score is high, or low, in your favor, or against you, yet not return evil for evil? I am reminded of those great words, ‘he that humbles himself shall be exalted and he that exalts himself shall be abased (brought down). My and many, many other Kiwi’s prayers are with you, Grant and the boys. You have already proved to the world that you guys are Winners both on and off the water. I am so thankful to have the true spirit in our Team New Zealand
    Kia Kaha and may God continue to go with you in your success.

  80. Even if I’m not a New Zealander, but Swiss. I almost feel like a Kiwi too. You all can be very proud of TNZ. Your boys doing a wonderful job out in the SF Bay. I watched every race the past two weeks, hoping that they bring the cup home for all of you!!!
    Good luck today…

  81. C’mon ETNZ bring that old mug home where it belongs, put a smile on the whole of New Zealand and wipe it right off of Jimmy Spithills face

  82. Two small nations. One guided by the light of Stella Polaris, the other one guided by the shine of the Southern cross. Small in populations, giants in their sports and their homeland proudness. Both seafarer nations. One world champion in skiing, the other has the best and most sympatic yachtsmen on the planet.

    So far away in distance, but so close in mindset and mentality.

    Congratulations New Zealand, you are absolute the true winners of Americas cup and of my heart.

    The cup is yours, go now and grab it!

    Erik Solberg,

    Oslo Norway

  83. Go guys go! You have made us proud thus far … and we are all behind you. Dig deep once more …. you CAN do it … we all know you can. Haver pride in your selves and do your very best ….

  84. Beautifully written. I just wont to know why we don’t tweek our boat like they did. Kidnap the Kiwi boat builders that did the work on Oracle & get them onto ours.

  85. The most moving and inspirational open letter I’ve ever read…When this is over, let’s get to the airport and give them the biggest homecoming reception ever!

  86. Is it some quirk of both my PN-based work and my home computers that a photo of Ormondville Railway Station is heading this letter? Either way, I just want to express support this lovely letter, ‘Team NZ’ and ETNZ of course, in the hope of ‘something magic’ happening tomorrow (or whenever the next race occurs). I’m exhausted and all I’ve been doing has been watching and stressing – day after day after day – like the rest of the country. All the best wishes also to ETNZ from Ormondville Rail Preservation Group Inc. and my fellow members of ORPG.

  87. Good to see that you have kept the Americans interested by dragging it out to the decider, hopefully you lads have saved the best for the last race. Bring the Cup back to it’s rightful home 🙂

  88. Spot on! Reading this filled my heart with pride, my mind with hope and my eyes with tears. It’s exactly what it is all about. I remember wagging school (my one and only time) to go and watch Sir Peter Blake and the Black Magic crew in the ticker tape parade. We can do it again, and I cannot wait to see it, up here in Edinburgh. #proudkiwi

  89. Brings a tear to my eye (yeah, ok, doesn’t help I’ve been knocked down with a migraine today), that’s a tear of pride. Win or loose tomorrow Emirates Team New Zealand, you have done us proud.

  90. This is fantastic – so well written and just what we need to pull our heads out of the doldrums and back into clear air! Go Team New Zealand!!

    • New Zealand is very proud of you no matter what . Doing your best is all we ask and that you have been doing. Good luck for tomorrow.

  91. I read this letter and cried my hart out because it really what NEW ZEALANDERS ARE ABOUT you are out team win or loose YOU ARE TEAM NEW ZEALAND FOR EVER. Good luck tomorrow we still love ETNZ.

  92. Wow, you made me cry! I’m so proud of our boys, its the kiwi way to never back down our support even when the chips are down, we are solid in our support when we win, and we are solid in our support when we lose. We don’t want to lose, ever, but we always stand united no matter what the outcome. I know we can do this, its our kiwi way to dig just 1mm deeper than the other guys, we deserve this, and we want this, and our team will do everything (and more) in there power to bring it home for us, and shall we lose, we will still be proud, that will never change. #soproudtobeakiwi

  93. Well said, made me a little teary for I too am a proud kiwi and fighting as hard as I can on the inside for our boys to make it first across that finish line tomorrow, and if they don’t, then still proud of them I will be. Thank you, for your words. xx
    C’mon Kiwi’s C’mon!!!

  94. Can’t believe how quickly some kiwis gave up on us when things were going down hill…….win or lose we should be proud to have been the challenger….it’s a shame politics and sport mix so readily……dirty tricks and psychological warfare also play their part……I don’t believe that Kiwi sportsmen indulge greatly in these superfluous sideshows, which is why I will always respect them more greatly on the world stage of sport, than those from certain other nations.If you are still wondering to what I am eluding …just think Tour De France …or Track and Field….. etc…etc

  95. This is so bang on! We’re rooting for you boys! You’re our boys and we’ve got your backs! We know you can do this, we believe in you, you’ve got the skills, you’ve got the teamwork, and yes, you’ve got that beautiful boat called Aotearoa. We were amazed at your skills when she almost capsized, we’ve been so proud at you guys taking on the billionaire’s team – we know you can do it! We know how much you want to bring the auld mug home too, or you wouldn’t still be sailing for ETNZ. I can’t wait to throw open the doors and holler into the street tomorrow (because the toddler won’t get my excitement) that you guys have done it! Sleep well, big day tomorrow! xx

  96. Excellent letter. Don’t forget that District Nurses in Kapiti are also watching and cheering Team New Zealand on. Good luck.

  97. I have had three days off work for this cup and our boys. tomorrow will be no different, I might need a pace maker at the end of this but team new Zealand thank you so much…. what a blast….. win or lose in our eye you are winners. now go get that bloody old mug ❤

  98. We are not forgetting you here in the Shetland Isles guys! 22 of us here on this little rock so COME ON KIWIS!! show the world we are the best!

  99. I am not a Kiwi, nor a sailor… (I only visited NZ once, and it made an impression for a lifetime) but please win the cup so that the yanks won’t. Go team New Zealand!!! greetings from Amsterdam

  100. Hi guys! I’ve been watching you race, with my breath held……….and the only thing that could make me love you more than I do now, is for you to win that race tomorrow, and bring wide-spread joy to me and to your country! Please do it for us all, and for you all as well! I guarantee you’ll feel good afterwards! xxxxxxxxxxx

  101. Good luck for tomorrow Team New Zealand, even though it has been a week of lows, you guys know you can pull this off. If it doesn’t happen you will still stand proud that you have put NZ out there in front of the whole world and stayed calm, collected and polished. I have my new red socks for tomorrows race so will be sitting here in my little lounge pushing you on with millions of other Kiwis!!! Go Boys, take this one out!!!!

  102. Oh my! I’ve never been prouder being a Kiwi as I do now after reading your letter Sandy……:-)
    You see I live in Oz and copping heaps from everywhere
    You have no idea what it’s like having a bee in both ears
    The hope that I have for you to bring home the Cup
    Would make my so called friends certainly suck it up
    The hope that I have comes from wanting to win
    To slap that Aussie face, to smack that awful grin
    I hope we really win, I really hope we do
    Cause if we don’t , I’ll be right in the poo!

  103. Go Team NZ, dig deep, you can do it, the nation is with you every step of the way:) Keep the faith boys this thing aint over!

  104. No matter what are still the international challenger up against a megolith of funding and influence. You have done an amazing job against all kinds of odds: poor wind, too much wind, foul weather,
    lousy time limit, and even saved the boat from tipping over!
    You have given us so much entertainment, its been more scary, painful and exhilirating than a suspense horror movie!
    You have given us so much pride in our little country, and worked so hard.
    Bringing the cup home tomorrow would be the ultimate excitement, there will be 4 milllion kiwis blowing you toward the finish…you are our heroes guys!! No matter what!!

  105. Have faith and be strong! hold your heads high and give it all you have got!!! Just one more race! You guys can do it you have shown the world why your there! So stick one to those rich yanks and bring that cup home to our beautiful small country full of pride! We are all behind you!

  106. Awesome words and comments too – Give em a taste of KIWI. The boys have done well no matter what the result but it would be nice to win. I love the idea of getting a haka going as they head out to do battle.

  107. Dean you are dignified and the team have been exemplary in their dispositions Im proud The cherry on top would be the win tomorrow and how exciting that would be but regardless Im loyal and Im sure Sir Peter Blake will be smiling upon you for your honest efforts

  108. We are so proud of you boys. Our hearts broke everytime we lose a race because we feel for you. You are there on a very limited budget, not a drop compared to the other guys, but you made us proud of how you stuck to being the Team New Zealand. Feel the love and pride we have for you boys. No matter what, you’ve done the team good. All the best!

  109. Guys, I have supported you when you were winning and I’ll support you IF you lose.. As a proud Kiwi living in Sydney Australia, I have been late for work most day just to watch the great racing…
    All us kiwi’s ever want is to try you best with what you have.. And yes we are TEAM NEW ZEALAND!!!
    Bring it home boys!!

  110. Many other countries and nations are also at your back, really want ENTZ to win this cup! I’ve just red here German, Portugal, Irish, etc… I’m from HUNGARY. All friends following the cup is at your side from my country. During these days probably the biggest part of the world feel to be a Kiwi and supporting you. I beleive that all these positive energies are not useless and will help you in today’s hardest challenge. Be smart, fast and take the “win or swim” attitude and take care!

  111. So, so proud of you guys and i’m still keeping the faith! All of NZ would be doing a haka on that pier in the morning if we could. Give it heaps!!

  112. Awesome Sandy – you gave me goosebumps from top to toe. Can’t imagine how nervous TeamNZ boys must be now. GOOOOO YOU GOOD THINGS! Godspeed and the luck of the Irish to you tomorrow.

  113. Too much! Put into words what most of us are feeling. Win or lose, there is no taking away the remarkable achievement to even be there! No better man for the job than Dean Barker, and he will be feeling it more than anyone else out there. Kia kaha team new Zealand, we got your back, we either celebrate in victory or we suffer in defeat, regardless, you have represented us with pride and dignity,

    • My heart almost bursts with pride when I read all these kind words and support from all around the world. I was just looking at Oracles FB page and guess what? Just 104,000 likes compared to our ETNZ site with 118,000 likes. Even those talking about the AC is like OTUSA – 18,200 to ETNZ – 78,450. We’re together, Kiwis! Let us be LOUD & PROUD tomorrow, as someone has suggested. If you’re in SF, make some noise! If you have a good haka group, go down and give our boys a great send-off & welcome back when they cross that line first!!! I’m off to bed. Next time I wake up, it’ll be – RACE ON!

  114. Team New Zealand you are the greatest, just one more race and we’ll have the old mug back where it belongs. We’re a little country with a big heart that swells with pride when our teams compete. YOU ARE THE BEST, we believe in you and are willing you on every second you are on the water. xoxoxoxox

  115. Thank you for articulating what I feel. I’m expat Kiwi living in Honolulu. My American boyfriend and his entire crew of firefighters are 100% behind Team NZ so add Hawaii to the list where we are glued to our TVs. I’ve watched all the press conferences…so impressed that Dean,Ray and Glen have not taken the bait despite some dreadful questions and gloating from the opponents. They represent Kiwi values of humility, perseverance, kindness, humor and respect…would be thrilled to have my kids grow up to be just like them. At the end of the day that’s what makes us so proud of them. Aloha and Godspeed for that last sprint around the racetrack.

    • Go team New Zealand we are behind you all the way. You can do this guys. You have the backing of every single Kiwi around the world. We all believe in you & wish you guys Strength. Kia Kaha!!!! love from Kiwis in the UAE!

  116. ^ what they all said… what they all (and us) are thinking. Well said. I’ve got a tv rigged in our tea room at work. Amazing who calls past (cause they hear it or us). We are waiting and cheering

  117. With or without the cup you will always be our champions on the water. We will never lose hope in you! With you right to the end.

  118. No matter what , ETNZ , you have given me reason to be SO proud !!! An amazing roller coaster , excitement , tears, horror (at the near capsize ) , we’ve had it all.
    You will be welcomed back with pride at a fight well fought! We matched their boat, we bypassed them with our fervour and passion, but we couldn’t match the money retrospectively spent to give them the edge.
    I will salute you tomorrow no matter what !!!!

  119. Sums up the sentiment of the country beautifully – even those of us spread all around the world! Millions of proud kiwis right behind the team, no matter what.
    So whatever way the wind blows for this last race, hold your head up high Team NZ! You have represented our country with utmost integrity. We still believe!

  120. Bought tears to my eyes to, Lean with Dean!!!! Hoping it goes your (our) way. So proud of all you guys, whatever way, You all have our respect. Best of Luck

  121. Behind you all the way Emirates Team New Zealand. Thanks for a thrilling ride, whatever tomorrow (or the next day) bring. We won’t forget that you were winning when it was too windy, and winning when it wasn’t windy enough. But more importantly, we will remember your skill, your fight and your dignity. Proud that you are our boys. KIA KAHA!!

  122. The story is very recognizable. Even though I am not a Kiwi and live in the Netherlands, I am for ETNZ because I love NZ, been there twice – this april for the second time – and plan to come back as soon as I have the time (and money….).

    GO ETNZ!!!!

  123. SO TRUE. Every word.

    If you can picture FULL LECTURE THEATRES of students at University of Canterbury watching and cheering on the boys through every early morning lecture for the past few weeks..

    THIS IS US! This is how we support and love Team New Zealand.

    THANK YOU for your on going battle boys, we will be cheering you on tomorrow morning at the Foundry Bar, and we’ll be ROARING when you bring it home.

    LOVE from the hundreds of UC Engineering students

  124. All the best for tomorrow boys!! You have all worked so hard and deserve to lift that cup! I’ve been glued to my TV and watched every single race (that wasn’t cancelled!!) with so much excitement!! I didn’t even know I liked the America’s Cup!! Lol! Can’t wait to watch tomorrow. Good Luck and remember there’s no ‘I’ in TEAM but there is in WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF SPITTLE’S FACE! Go out and SMASH EM! XOX 🙂

  125. Go hard core “kick him in the guts Emirates Team New Zealand” this kiwi girl right behind you from Alexandria Egypt

  126. Boys…. the children are cheering for you, the parents are cheering for you, the teachers are cheering for you, NZ is cheering for you….. Stay strong…. You are awesome and we all know it – BRING THAT SILVER MUG BACK WHERE IT BELONGS… wE’LLL ALL BE BLOWING FOR YOU TOMORROW XO

  127. WOW! So perfectly written and so inspiring!! After reading this I have a lump in my throat and it makes me fill with kiwi pride after reading some really negative comments today. Go get ’em Team NZ! We are sitting in our school hall every morning with our classes, watching the live feed and cheering you on! We’re definitely with you to the very end! Finish this with your heads held high!

  128. ***TEARS***What an Awesome letter and a reminder to NZ why we are different to the rest!! no matter what happens, I am a proud Kiwi & your letter serves as a reminder to everybody of our great nation..TEAMNZ all day!

  129. French sail people follow and support Dean and ETNZ !
    We send you all good wind necessary TO WIN !
    Be good and Win , just the next race !

  130. c’mn Dean and boys u are the best sailing team on the planet and I am sure u can win this cup because u are simply the best……thank you from Slovenia.

  131. Bring it home boys, the cup should not go to cheaters. besides without NZ they would not be where they are now. Good Luck Team NZ !!!!!

  132. You said it so well sandyview. As heart wrenching as the battle has become we won’t let go and stop the support. We are behind Dean and the boys till the victorious end. Whatever the outcome we can be proud that Team New Zealand battled the America’s Cup once again. That a country probably a quarter the size of America took on the big boys. Whatever the outcome the BOYS are already winners for achieving so much. As Wayne Stokes put it KIA KAHA.

  133. Sailing away, Sailing away New Zealand can do it. Take it away.
    We are so all behind you with this and if you need the wind then we will all blow together to get you there. You are an inspiration from such a small nation on a big international circuit. We have faith in you to rise to this occasion. From a pom living in QLD but married to a Kiwi who is just beside himself right now, working on a mine site away from tv coverage so I am calling and texting him with all of the updates as the race is being run. I really want to give hime the great new tomorrow. Big hugs to you all. We know you WILL do it for us all.

  134. ‘Sailing away,sailing away,new Zealand can do it,take it away’….a little jingle from times past when no one thought we could do it,we can,and we will.

  135. I’m from Edinburgh….I’ve lived here for 8 years, been through Olympics and 2 RWC’s … The worst and the best! until 3 weeks ago i had no knowledge or interest in sailing but you guys changed that. I’ve woken up every morning to watch and support you…little did any of us know what a challenge it would become….Dean Barker you are a leader this country is as proud of as they arRicher….you can do this!

  136. Fantastic letter thank you for sharing your thoughts which are indeed the thoughts of all of us. Win or Lose we are proud of our team NZ they have done so well, stayed composed and acted like true gentlemen. They are true hero’s to all of us. Go Team NZ we are all behind you.

  137. Awesome sandy, I’m tuning in every night from the Netherlands and have every faith in team NZ! That is the middle name of every kiwi, FAITH !

  138. No one can do more than their best and you guys have sure done that. Give it your all again tomorrow, we are all behind you !!! Good luck Team New Zealand xx

  139. I’m from Edinburgh and 3 weeks ago had no interest in sailing…i’ve lived in this country for 8 years and been through Olympics and 2 RWC’s…the worst and the best..dispair and elation. Dean Barker you are as much a leader and inspiration as Richie is and we have faith you and the team can do this..GO TEAM NZ!

  140. Team NZ, you have the hearts, breaths,pride and belief of NZers all over the globe, racing with you to victory tomorrow in the America’s Cup in San Francisco. You’ve already won.
    Thank you for your beautiful, true words Sandy.

  141. Thanks Sandyviews, great letter. I hope Dean and the boys get to see this letter before tomorrow’s race. I have no idea about sailing but everyday I get up to watch the racing. Regardless of the outcome tomorrow Team New Zealand you’ve done us proud. I’m proud to be a New Zealander.

  142. So proud of ETNZ. We can not complain that they haven’t given their heart and soul for NZ in this competition. I am still confident they can bring that flash coffee pot home! It aint over til it’s over! Absolutely with you in spirit boys. Win or lose, you have done us proud! Go Team NZ!!!!

  143. Dear Team New Zealand,
    We know how you feel. This was us, 30 years ago tomorrow. And believe me, even with an Aussie skipper sailing for the American dollar, we’ve got your back on this one. Sailors all over Australia are going to be getting up early to cheer you on. Every one of the races you have lost has been met with cries on social media of “C’mon Kiwis, win the next one!” from your cousins across the water. Keep your cool and bring that Cup down south again.

  144. Nice letter but you have to admit: when they lose, they lose like no one has ever lost before. Its so ridiculous to see a 8:1 turning into an 8:8 and, likely, an 8:9. I hope they win but they must have won it long since.

  145. Great post. Come on ETNZ. Dig deep. We know you can do it. Over here in Queensland, everyone I talk to is right behind the team. They all know we need to win to bring back honour to the event. Only one more late start.

  146. A fantastic letter & so true. IF the guys aren’t able to do it tomorrow, I’ll be absolutely gutted! Not so much for ‘Team New Zealand’ but for Emirites Team New Zealand – the guys who have left everything they’ve got & more out on the water. They so deserve to win and I still have faith that they will (Kiwis’s don’t give up without a good, hard fight) but if the worse happens, I’ll still be extremely proud of Deano & the team and what they’ve managed to achieve on what was basically a shoestring budget (compared to Oracle) and some good old Kiwi ingenuity!

    Go ETNZ! I … we … believe in you!

  147. Im a teacher, I know nothing about sailing. But what I do know is that every morning in class while the racing has been on we have been watching it on a projector, and yelling and screaming and cheering our team NZ on…..C’mon TEAM NZ bring it on….

  148. Brilliant Sandy… You sure summed up the Kiwi’s, I now live in Brisbane in Australia. , but am up every morning to watch Team NZ live on Utube… Have left a bit late each morning as the race is still going….but I can then watch it on my iPhone when I get to work…come on boy’s… Bring the cup home…..Always a Kiwi….

  149. Go for it– win the start and the finish
    Good luck go for it 🙂
    Bev Wurth Nz — looking for that tv in the morning.

  150. Watching from the UK. Slept deprivation is setting in – just have to stay up and watch the boys and then after all the excitement can not sleep.

    Whatever the outcome today, and of course a win would be preferable, I feel an emmense pride in our team and our country.

    May the MOJO return and the cup be ours.

  151. Go Emirates Team New Zealand, I am behind you 100,000%…. Go kick the others outta the water an bring the Good Ole Mug back home… I love watching it on the screen an listening to Pete Montgomery on the Radio……
    Can just hear Pete saying Emirates Team New Zealand Aotearoa have beaten the odds an won the 34th Americas Cup……
    GO DEANO, GRANT, an the REST OF THE TEAM YOU CAN DO IT.. I will be sending you some wind across
    from good ole WANGANUI

  152. soooo proud to be a kiwi, Team NZ we got yr back, show them how its done dean. cant believe it, a week or so ago i didnt have a clue about tacking and jiving, loving the graphics, who can? kiwis can!

  153. Awesome letter saying what kiwis all feel…..we will be there cheering you on tomorrow, give them a taste of kiwi and bring the cup home guys….kia kaha

  154. Thank you Sandysview…. we are so proud of those fellas and this letter says all that we are and all we want to say ……. either way, we are very proud! Go Deano… we are behind you all.

  155. Fantastic and amazing letter. It’s the truth. Those New Zealand boys are sailing a New Zealand boat, and New Zealanders all over the country and all over the world are right behind them. They can be as proud of themselves right now as we are of them, because they’ve done it themselves. Whatever happens in the last race can’t change that. They are a New Zealand team. Go for it boys!!!

  156. My mornings aren’t going to be the same after tomorrow. Whatever happens tomorrow I’m very proud to be a kiwi, thanks to Emirates Team New Zealand.

  157. Boys ive been watching use since the challenger series started and ive watched every race since then I no nothing about yacht racing but ive learnt alot since it started I finish at 5 every morning and I cant wait to get home and watch u boys race i know the last few days have have been hard on use both mentally and physically and It has been a really long campaign for all of use and it must be wearing use down I must be honest and say I am shattered the Americans have leveled the series especially when I thought we had this in the bag some questions have to be asked and answered and that will happen when this is over but know this I am a very proud kiwi and support kiwis

  158. With an old TV and a battered umbrella for an antenna, we have been watching the sailing… me and my class of 26 intermediate kids. We are not beaten yet… we should be winning if the ‘screaming and yelling’ has got anything to do with it… because we are willing the team and our boat SOOOOO hard… it hurts…. and so what if the other ‘boat’ wins… we win because as usual little ole’ us (NZ) isn’t afraid to take on the big blokes… we’ll tussle with them and show them that we have what it takes.

    Go TEAM NZ.. take it to them.
    Melanie W-P and Room 7.

  159. Love to you all on the boat and all the support crew on the shore and to all your families who have uprooted themselves to be with you over seas. Looking forward to seeing you all come home safe, well and deliriously happy from knowing you have made a small country with a big heart extremely proud!

  160. Great letter! You guys deserve to win. Tonight (for us it will be live broadcasted at 10pm) we will cheer once more for ETNZ. Greetings from Amsterdam (The Netherlands, the opposite of down under?!) 😉

  161. So proud to be from Aotearoa and so proud of you boys. So proud to back Team New Zealand. Whereas Oracle surely stands for… One Rich American Called Larry Ellison!

  162. Thanks Dean and the boys of Team NZ for enforcing national pride in New Zealand. We are all so very proud of you and are proud to be Kiwis – no matter what the outcome!!

  163. No matter which way it goes we need to be there to welcome them home at the airport I reckon!! They have done their New Zealand whanau proud.

  164. No matter what the result is, you have done us proud, don’t stress, just do your best, like you have done all the way through this battle. We are a little country and you have taken us on a journey, don’t loose faith boys, you are legends……..Yes Kia Kaha our hero’s

  165. No matter what the result tomorrow we are so very proud of Team New Zealand and all the work they have put into this!!!!

  166. So well said Sandy, awesome! My workmate said “That’s the trouble with the boat, there’s too many people on board!” I said, “Is there?” and she said, “Yep, there’s 4 million Kiwis on there!” How true!

  167. Lets go Team NZ you have made my mornings so great so just 1 more push to see us over the line. You have a massive amount of support both sides of the ditch an this little bit comes from all us Kiwis at the Wheatstone Lng Project that happens to be run by Larrys mates. We have our silver fern ready to fly from the tallest crane onsite to show those yanks who really is the boss. Go Go Team New Zealand.⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵⛵

  168. Brought tears to my eyes while on the train home in Melbourne. Thanks for this, awesome words, beautifully written.

    Good luck to Deano, Ray and all the boys tomorrow, you can still do this. We believe!

  169. Couldn’t have said it better. Dig deep team get clear at the start and fly across that finish line!!! You’ve done it before you can do it again! !

  170. A Winner is defined by their intention to succeed for all that believe in them…You are living the “dream” of 4 million beating hearts and you’ve Won already…the rest is baubles!!!

  171. Wat an awesome letter! Go hard TENZ, we are proud of you all. Win or lose, you are an awesome team. We know we are the best. Kia kaha!

  172. Why do the Aussies get mentioned in a negative way? Arent there just as many Kiwis in that team? Ummm Russell Coutts????? The CEO??? for instance!!! I hope NZ truly win, but leave the Aussies out of it!!

  173. Reading this makes me want to be from NZ, but I’m not, but I am with you all of the way, c’mon Kiwis give it to those over paid yanks (there’s a bloody Olympic gold medal winning Brit as their tactical expert).

  174. Hey Guys No pressure you have done us Kiwis all proud…I am a proud Kiwi living in Surfers paradise and I would like to say how precious this race has been inspiring by both teams. My humble advise is go out tomorrow Deano and boys and have fun you have done us proud no pressure from here you have enough mate. Have fun

  175. I came across this beautiful song and thought of ETNZ, Tare mentioned Deano might need to start talking to Tangaroa, Maisey Rika has a song Tangaroa Whakamautai (on utube) watch out you might start missing home , seeing ETNZ work so hard every morning shows their dedication and love for the sport and sea and how hard you want to bring the cup home. You have already won it in my mind, we are TEAM NZ!!! Kia Kaha!

  176. Someone in team NZ has been bought, it’s a joke how Oracle have just taken over. Going from 200m ahead to 1000m behind in 1 leg…. something fishy is going on!

  177. Amazing letter!!! Made me cry too xoxo proud so proud! Do you know if the team have read this? Could be just what they need for a bit of a pick up 🙂 Someone must be able to let them know about it. AMAZING WORDS FOR AN AMAZING TEAM!

  178. Robynne
    Hey Sandy, well what a letter, LOVE IT!!!! Proud to be a kiwi with people like you around us and YES we are all cheering on our boys. So GOOOOOOOOOOOO Team New Zealand because you have to win for Sandy and for the rest of us! Keep writing Sandy we all need to hear from people like you…

  179. Love it! Coffee shop in tirau? or is it Taihape ? You know,where the corrugated iron Border collie dog watches over the town. No matter. Can they get over the line in the grand final?

    ‘Carn the Kiwis!

  180. Wow what an amazing letter Sandy. Thanks for putting into words what so many of us kiwis have been feeling these past few days. So proud of Team NZ no matter what the outcome tomorrow.

  181. Great letter and so eloquently put! This morning I was yelling and groaning at the TV and sliding into depression, then yelling with excitement (again at the TV) and again sliding into depression. Tomorrow I will be back again as the tension builds up to the start of the race and will again be cheering the guys on. Win or lose they gave it a shot, provided us with entertainment and made this country soooo proud, both of them and what they achieved and proud to be a KIWI. Kia Kaha ETNZ, go out, race the race, do your best and thats all we ask. New Zealand will be with you on the water and blowing good winds your way

  182. Bring it home boys! I’ll be cheering you on! Take the strength of our country and let it push that boat over the finish line in first place! We still believe in you, forget the other races and just push on!

  183. Being a sailor from Portugal I’ve been cheering ETNZ since the beggining, I really hope they can bring the Auld Mug back to NZL and give a happy ending to this David vs Goliath story. They are the only REAL team in this cup!
    Congratulations on this letter it shows the strenght and fibre of your country a true example on patriotism for all the rest of the world to see!! Good winds for today!!

  184. Fantastic letter. the whole team should be shown this on a big screen before the final race. It would certainly motivate me & sure it would Deano & the boys. This means so much to us Kiwis & we have a huge amount of support from around the world and in the US itself. It needs clear heads & focus as John Bertrand has just said. Clear out the claptrap from Oracle (for that is what they are known as not Team USA) & fpocus on the prize . Attack dont defend. We are all with you TNZ!!

  185. Found this on my Kiwi daughters Facebook, reblogged it on The Turning Spiral since for some reason Makere’s Blog just wouldn’t appear, made my day 🙂 Go Team, for god’s sake. No more tactical mistakes whatever they are, no more blasted wind. Just go hard. and – great blog btw… now I’m homesick again

  186. Many of us in the US are also on Team New Zealand, because Oracle is a New Zealand-built boat, owned by a (yes, we admit it) US billionaire, but sailed by good old boy Aussies, and we have loved your boys from day one. Knowing zip about sailing, too, we still fell for your boyz (and your sailing ship. One more race of the new-age Viking ships to the Cup! We will be playing hooky from work this afternoon and cheering for all y’all, too!

  187. Kiwi living in Aus, Just been back for holiday and feeling the national pride! Don’t give up the support kiwis everywhere. So proud as put above to see the Team NZ all over that boat and what it truely represents, what it means to all NZ’rs just to represented there! Go you good things, your only 1 race away! You can do it.
    Proud kiwi whatever the outcome.
    Ps: no free to air coverage in QLD which just sucks (typical). Where’s some ANZAC Spirit paid TV?

  188. Brilliant letter and agree with every word. We have followed the regatta from WA along with all other Team NZ members over here. Fair weather & good sailing tomorrow and bring home the Mug. All the best

  189. We are kiwis living in Vegas. Your letter to the boys sums it up perfectly – no matter where we are in the world, kiwis are kiwis and stand 100 percent behind our men in black! Give ’em a taste of KIWI! !

  190. I’m not a Kiwi. In fact, I am living half way round the globe from your point of view. But it is this self-image, reflected in your letter, that makes me want to see this mug in your hands… not on the mantelpiece of some billionaire. Go boys! I’ll be watching your race in the middle of the night.

  191. Go Team New Zealand! My husband and I are Americans but we just returned from living in wonderful NZ for 10 great years. We made heaps of friends there, made lots of trips up and down both North and South Islands. We truly fell in love with NZ! I would say we are part Kiwi n part American. We have 2 wonderful daughter in laws from NZ. Yes we are part Kiwi and yes we are cheering for Team New Zealand! This letter brought tears to my eyes taking me back to places we loved in NZ. We miss it sooo much! We will be watching you today, Team New Zealand, on this side of the Pacific, in Huntington Beach, California – cheering you on! Hope you bring home the cup! Love to all you Kiwis, you will forever be a part of us!

  192. You beauty … and thank you … you have summed up perfectly the feelings of all the Kiwis out here in the Middle East …. We are watching from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and the UAE …. and we are together all the way ………………..

  193. Sandy:

    I’m a Yank and sailor. Solo’d in a dinghy when I was 6 and have sailed and raced just about everything … but nothing like a AC72. I’ve followed your team’s progress from the start and always considered your boys the series favorites. I admire the Kiwi spirit and inventiveness. Living on an isolated island as you do, you guys have to embrace craftsmanship and be able to fix anything.

    As a rule I find myself rooting for the underdogs. I like the idea of your small island nation competing with and winning against a larger foe with greater resources. Then again, the series seemed so lop-sided and we Yanks seemed to have no chance. I admire the way our boys have persevered unflinchingly against long odds … every race being do or die.

    I enjoyed your open letter today, and have to admit, I’ll be happy whoever wins that cup.

    In the event that your boys prevail, I hope that you’ll make sure this time that no drunken lout (who undoubtedly is no master mariner) is able to steal and disfigure this beautiful and historic trophy while it is in your custody.

    In the event that my boys win, the trophy will not reside in a snooty high brow club where a “members only” crowd clad in blue blazers will bask in it’s glow. Rather, it will go to a humble club where members are known to tilt a few and occasionally dance on the bar. Sailing is good and competition is good.

    Cheers and godspeed,

    Greg J. Bennett

    • Awesome words Greg. Thanks for taking the time mate. The faster boat won. Still we also made it. I guess we should have put our name on it as well. Thanks for your comments

  194. The whole of Scotland is behind you too!!.. well, me and my family (but I’m sure the rest are in spirit)!! Come on Team NZ!! From one who shares life with a Kiwi and considers himself an honourary one…

  195. Great words Sandysviews. Just remember you Kiwis are not alone. You have enormous support from other nationalities all over the world.
    Go Kiwis!!!! (I’m English by the way, but don’t hold that against me!)

  196. Win or lose team Nz has played it out in a humble dignified proud kiwi manner …..there has been no cheating, mind games, yelling, arm flinging, pitting kiwis against kiwis, brash statements or sulking………we are so proud of you team nz

  197. I don’t live in New Zealand. I live in North Carolina, USA. I am a bit of a sailor but not a pro. I am pulling hard for Dean Barker and the rest of the Kiwis to take that America’s Cup back to NZ with them. I love the ETNZ! Go Deano!!!! ps Dean, you are the best looking sailor alive. 🙂

    • Yep, I think Mandy will agree with you wholeheartedly on that one. 🙂 Great to see comments from all around the world. I’m so proud of our boys and clearly, many who are not from our country are too. Cheers!

  198. I’m a passionate sailor since 19 years. I started at the age of 5. I don’t live in New Zealand, I’m german. All the sailing world is putting their hopes in that Team New Zealand. We are desperately jealous not being Kiwis now, but home is where the heart is. And in these days the home of sailing spirit is New Zealand. I want to thank you for this heartmelting letter, we feel the same.
    Yesterday, I put my thoughts into a video, nothing compared to your epic words, but I want to share it with you, because we are Team New Zealand and that’s our name on the boat.

  199. Hello Kiwis!

    I’m not a New Zealander, I’m one of those Yanks from San Francisco. WAIT! Before you go throwing whatever’s at hand, I just wanted to say that I admire you all for supporting your team so well. Seems like, even though your population is so small there are more sailors per capita than my country could ever dream of having. And even those of you who aren’t sailors are late for work mornings so that you can watch The Race (as we sailors like to call it) half a world away.

    I have friends in Auckland so am being kept up on the mood over there, and am amazed at the loyal supporters of Team New Zealand. I’d wager the majority of Americans don’t even know there’s an “America’s Cup” or if they do, what it is or that there’s a race going on. I’m so pleased that I’m going so far as to tell my friends that no matter which boat wins today, I’ll feel great because my friends and most of the people in New Zealand are powerfully supporting their team. (Of course all my Yank sailor friends are replying with, “Traitor” but I couldn;t care less.

    Cheers, ~~~_/)~~~

    John Conway

    • Good for you John. I am a Kiwi, just think its fantastic that we are there, at that level. It’s all over as I write, but we know, and the world knows, that we really beat them eleven times. Just a shame the wins didn’t count.

  200. Deano and the rest of the team, I am from Poland and I would love to see you winning, wish you good luck today, bring America’s cup home…

  201. Its time to show some Kiwi magic boys all of the country are behind you we no you can do it best of luck boys

  202. Thank you for providing me a way to explain to my American friends why I am so nuts about this and why I’ve been posting on facebook every day, and why I can’t be happy about Oracle winning, even if I’ve been living in California for going on 18 years. Once a kiwi ALWAYS a kiwi!

  203. Each race has its own identity and result. This one is all for you guys. You have all done so much, to win will be a memory of a great achievement. Bring it on!!

  204. Well sad! I am so proud to be a KIWI. That is our team,and our name is on that boat. C’mon Team NZ the whole country is behind you. What ever happens today, you will still remain my heros.

  205. I am from Argentina, a long way from New Zealand and San Francisco… but I am wishing all of you the best of lucks!
    ¡Take that big bright Cup and carry it to the other side of the world!

  206. Absolutely ‘spot on’ mate – brings me to tears. Over the last few days a few altercations were running between a few kiwis and their Aussie ‘mates’, but they just don’t get it! Your words say it all. Whatever happens we are behind those guys.

  207. Just read your post Sandy, so Kiwi, so well put, yep, we are a team alright, us Kiwis. Watching, with NZ flag flying between olive trees, from Italy. Go Deano and the lads! (Mums so proud of you!)

  208. Amazing letter! We are Kiwi.We are proud. We trudged for miles in Samoa last week just to get updates. Now we’re home and you’ve saved the best for last. Go get ’em, boys, and whatever happens – be proud. We are. So very proud. Kia kaha!

  209. Add me to the list… Kiwi sitting up late in here in The Hague The Netherlands dressed in black silver fern tee shirt and pants, red socks.. Dutch hubby sleeping so I’m cheering alone. but hang on… I’m not alone… all Kiwi’s are together at this moment, no matter where on the globe they are…we are awesome and we have an awesome team… and I’m totally proud to be part of the “backing band of supporters” that is Team and country New Zealand. GO KIWIS, GO TEAM NZ !!!

  210. Bugger, bloody Larry & his fellow billionaires, excellent racing though. Unlucky ETNZ, fully stoked to watch the journey those men were on, Rob your still a tank, Ray good work, and Deano brilliant. “Real leaders are ordinary people with extra ordinary determination” – Confucius. Kia kaha, a proud Kiwi supporter x

  211. What a great letter. I’m American and I’m definitely not a sailor but I’ve been watching every race and pulling for New Zealand like crazy. I echo your applause and your pride. Each day I bit off more fingernails and paced away the carpeting. Oh, how I wanted a different outcome. But I’m proud of our team. (is it okay if I say that? I feel like New Zealand’s my team) Hope so,

  212. just read this after the race – yep you’re winners in my eyes …beaten by a silly time limit when we were well within wind regulations and then automation – what next ……..motors on them to make them go faster and cut down man power and sailing skill…….I know nothing about sailing but I was pacing the floor for the last few days and willing you on as was all the country – very proud to be part of team NZ
    ….kind of smacks of the same feeling as the underarm bowling of the past – only way to beat us

  213. Can’t fathom how a computer is allowed to make performance corrections automatically, surely it is meant to be sailors vs sailors, so proud of you team NZ you’re awesome!

    • Personally, I don’t really count this as sailing. The American team threw money and technology at a lovely sport and reduced it to reading computers and driving around a course in 20 minutes. I don’t see the same seamanship and strategies at play as with boats with actual sails instead of rigid wings.

      This is not meant in any way to take away from the accomplishments of ETNZ. They excelled! But I had been hoping that the Cup would go back to NZ and return to actual sailing. Next time!

  214. Oh I’m such a sap cause that writing made my eyes water just a little bit… yes, Writer, you hit the nail on the head. No other country gets in behind like NZ does… we may be little but we really are mighty. I wish the Good Guys had won the day in the end. It’s a little bit Wrong. Surely Heart should count for more than Money in the end? It didn’t today, but we know it does. It has to!

  215. I am a Croatian in the US, but I am also definitely Team New Zealand. Congrats to the team! I know you didn’t win the cup, but reading the article here and the comments, it is clear you’re the winners. Better luck next time and keep the spirit.

  216. Fabulous letter – Thank you for writing so eloquently what I am sure we all feel. Even though the boys weren’t able to bring home the cup they are still our champions. Watching them on TV now my heart swells with pride.

  217. awesome letter – we love you Team NZ – you’re the winners for us! Oracle won with technology and money – that is all!! always behind you guys!

  218. Well Done Team NZ ,on the day you out manouvered them to the first mark through skill and tactics you have it all ,,but in the end raw power and technology beat you…be proud stand tall kia kaha
    Kiwi boatbuilding skills ,design ,crewmanship,and Oracles deep pockets made this a truly awesome series of modern day racing ………..Kiwi’s right up there ..USA also not to be overlooked as it took integrity to keep the faith when down -2 and proceed to overtake us when on match point for 8 races .
    Skill,composure to recover from the nose dive this morning and keep the boat balanced and sailing .A great event for all the world to enjoy and mostly headed by Kiwi’s… Russel Coutts Dean Barker,Grant Dalton to name just a few….in this whole wide world of mega money and people
    NZ right up there be proud Boys take a bow stand tall

  219. You are a FANTASTIC TEAM – Thanks for the amazing entertainment over the past two weeks – you are winners – and an amazing credit to NZ. I hope you find ways to celebrate your remarkable achievements during your time in San Fran.

  220. Fantastic writing and comments. I am the publisher of a boating magazine in the States (WoodenBoat) so I’m not directly involved in this. But I’ve been wearing my (Sir) Peter Blake red socks for the past two weeks.

    Your lads acquitted themselves very very well, and I’m so proud of them. I was hoping the Cup would come back to NZ, but… next time?

    (Someone suggested to me today that the races were fixed. I said, “The Kiwis? Never!”)

    Be proud of the crew, the staff. Defeat, even so agonizing, is never the end of the world. Our Kiwis held heir heads high and never gave up. As one idiot announcer proclaimed, “the faster boat wins.” I’m sorry ORACLE figured this is out: I used to love Leg 3, when we would stuff them.

    I’m so proud of them. I wish they’d won, but it doesn’t reduce my pride in them one bit.

    Now, when I emigrate to NZ…

    Thanks, Carl

  221. Sandy’s letter captures the scene in NZ during this regatta extremely well and everyone’s comments have shown the fantastic support here and around the world. To finish it all off, John’s comments just above have summed up how we should see ETNZ & the crew now. I hope for once the NZ media does not crucify “the losers”. There’s still lots of positives to come out of all of this for NZ. Team NZ didn’t win at the end of the day but sure deserved to. Amazing effort by all the sailing and shore teams and please let’s give them a heroes welcome when they come home.

    • In San Francisco there are many who REALLY wanted ETNZ to win though now the results are well-known. Larry Ellison was very kind in his comments during the press conference about ETNZ and the country of New Zealand. But still…. I wanted ETNZ to win today – sigh

  222. Remember the day when the boat just about tipped and ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD stayed upright!!!!!!!!!! Remember the race you really won by 2 km’s, but only by 3 min. missed out on because of the 40 min. time limit !!!!!!!!!!! Team NZ. , we are proud of you all. YOU ARE WINNERS.
    I am not a sports fan, nor a sailor, but you have kept me on the edge of my seat throughout this race. Amazing. A team of gentlemen
    May the Lord bless you all and bring you safely back to your families to have a well deserved rest.

  223. This American is proud of ETNZ…I have been rooting for ETNZ from the start. I am a sailor, have sailed with a couple of Kiwis and just admire the way ETNZ has conducted itself all along. I am as disappointed as many a Kiwi are today. ETNZ you sailed well, were dealt a couple of bad hands in being ahead in three only to have the race called off. I am not a fan of OTUSA, I can admire the tenacity they showed, but my heart was and will be with ETNZ. Good job and well done…you are the best in my book.

  224. Some fine kind Kiwis gave me a New Zealand flag a few races ago. Our San Franfuncisco City has been blessed with all the New Zealanders and the fabuloso Team! We Salute you all on a fine race and cheers to our new friends!

      • Sandy Abbott!! Haha, guessed that before I checked your “about” page. Really enjoyed your writing, “our name is on the boat” really hit a chord, even for this non-sports-mad Kiwi, yes, there is such a thing 🙂 All the best for your future adventures in Godzone.

        • Long, long time Duncan. I hope things are good with you. DHS seems an awfully long time ago. I drove through vegas the other day. Hasn’t changed a bit. Good to see you here. Cheers for the kind words

  225. Just found this article by accident coming from TNZ’s Facebook page… very touching. I wish we in Germany would have such spirit… can you imagine that no single TV station broadcasted the AC ? – Instead we have Kieler Week, the world biggest regatta event anually in summer, we had John Kostecky on the rudder when he steared the Illbruck boat (sponsored and built by Illbruck as automative component company) onto the finish line as winner of the Volvo Ocean racing team, we have gold medallailist Jochen Schuemann, who became sports director of Alinghi Team of Americas Cup 2004 and 2007… but nothing on TV now about the AC2013…. ashaming. We miss the sailng spirit here in Middle Europe…. my heart always was with the Kiwis and their ETNZ… and more I am now feeling like a Kiwi if we notice following:

    Did Aeronautic Tech keep the cup in USA ??? – (Source: THOUGHTS RE ORACLE’S REMARKABLE PERFORMANCE TURNAROUND.

    1. It is well recognised that Oracle was having serious foiling stability difficulties at the outset of the regatta and that their performance could not match that of ETNZ.
    2. Half way through the series it was acknowledged that Oracle had fitted an automatic control to their hydrofoil trim, and that this modification was approved by the measurement authorities.
    3. Since this modification Oracle’s performance has almost unbelievably improved. This has been “explained” by skipper Jimmy Spithill as being due to the superhuman efforts of the crew to improve their handling skills. However, in view of the intensive training Oracle were able to do, prior to the regatta, with their highly skilled team partner, it seems unlikely that only now have they discovered the “magic bullet” they they clearly have. It is much more likely to be the result of the modifications, possibly enabled by their surprising decision to use their lay day card and the subsequent lucky postponements.
    4. It must be remembered that this is the first time that this contest has been sailed by yachts “flying “ on Hydrofoils and it is probable that new and different criteria should have been applied.
    5. In the aeronautical world it has long been known that the stability of swept wing aircraft can rapidly be lost by uncontrolled yaw leading to a dangerous situation known as “Dutch Roll”.
    6. A device known as “Little Herbie” was developed during the commissioning of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets over 40 years ago, to over come this tendency. Little Herbies, or “Stability Augmentation Systems” (SAS) as these are now designated, are equipped with sensors such as Accelerometers and Gyros which can detect and instigate corrections to stability with a speed and accuracy which exceeds the ability of even experienced airline pilots. They are therefore now installed in virtually all swept-wing aircraft.
    7. The “legality” of this device has been justified and accepted on the basis that it does not actually “drive” the trim of the foils…..this is still performed by the muscle power of the crew, via hydraulic linkages. That may be so, but the device, using it’s sensing and directives, has been described as “automatic”. This implies that the trim of the foils is determined by what can only be described as “superhuman” technology. If this technology has ben used to overcome the foiling stability difficulties of Oracle it will have enabled the use of higher speed/lower drag foils which the crew would otherwise be unable to manage. This would give a significant speed advantage during foiling. This has been clearly in evidence since the modification. Improvement in stability and speed has been staggering.
    8. The high speed/low drag foils do have a downside in light conditions where, due to their lesser lifting characteristic, foiling is difficult or impossible. This was also clearly seen in the abandoned Race #13 when ETNZ were only 4 minutes from the finish, with a lead of over 1000metres.
    9. ETNZ appears to have worked within the constraints of accepted yacht racing rules and the special America’s Cup 2013 racing Rules to achieve foiling with these craft. This has been at the cost of using foil characteristics and controls which can be successfully managed by a skilled crew while having to make some concession to pure speed.
    10. Although there is risk of being derided for being a “poor loser”, or a “bad sport” it can not go un-noticed that Team Oracle have already been penalised for cheating, that previous Defenders have been noted for sailing very close to the wind of rule compliance. The recent outpouring of bluff and arrogance from Jimmy Spithill may well be part of a plan to trail red herrings and to draw the attention off the real technological reason for their quite literally astounding comeback.
    11. The question is whether the use of a device which can enhance performance in excess of that achievable by human endeavour should be allowed in a sporting contest?
    12. Is this grounds for protest? At least we should all be aware that this is how desperate sporting entertainment has become.

    • Amazing detail mate. Thanks for explaining all that. So great to see an independent, unbiased evaluation and explanation of the tech. Cheers to you. Danke mein Freund

      • Tks Sandy… yes, I am not a US guy, I am not Australian, I am not Kiwi *laugh*. As a cultural journalist and sailor I try to see it objectively as much as possible (sailing is passion and lots of emotions, not a chess game). 🙂 Pls see my further postings about some aspects of “power energy” which is needed to run the sensor system on Oracle’s boat.

  226. Thank your for this astonishing comment! Team New Zealand absolutely would have deserve to win the Cup, their Spirit for the sailing was truly amazing.

    • embarrrassing? YOU Karla Hedu, are indeed a bigger embarrassment than Team New Zealand. Let’s see YOu accomplsih as much as they have. You probably are a fake kiwi anyways, as all can see from your obvious lack of country pride and common sense. As you grow to an old age pooping in your pants as you walk streets homelessly with your little common sense and pride. Embarrassing you’ll be indeed as you are now.

      • It’s already been well documented that this was the BIGGEST choke in the history of sport. Anyone who knows and follows sports knows this. As for me accomplishing the same thing as these losers did? Yes, I can lose 8 in a row just like these boneheads did.

      • Wow, that’s really mature.

        In response to the mean spirited attacks in my facebook inbox. I did not say anything that was not the truth. This was an epic fail, the biggest collapse in team sports history. If you dispute this fact then you are in complete denial. I am done and out of here!

  227. Rude Karla Hedu, ‘My BOYS’ didn’t embarrass me one bit. Keep your own negative American attitude to yourself and yes I did personally send you a msg on facebook. Nothing I wouldn’t say to your face.

  228. ProudAzKiwi, Tony, I’m not about to censor comments put on here. I have an ability to pre approve all comments placed on my blog if I wish to use it. A moderator button sort of thing. I have it turned off at present. The amazing thing is that all these comments on here. All 479 of them so far. Every single one is in support of NZ and they are from all over the world. It’s fantastic. We have a lone detractor here. She has signed in using her Facebook log in details as she is entitled to do. Clearly she feels very strongly about this particular issue and it is her right to do so. I’m not going to delete her comments because I and you don’t like or approve of them. It is Karla’s right to express her opinion. Thanks for your continuing support and patriotism ProudAz and we may have to adopt you as an honorary Kiwi Tony. Keep up the good work.

    • Yes, I can see your point and you are of course correct. I have donethe same thing at my websites and keep even “non-complimentary” comments on because it keeps it real. You are right also in that each of us have a right to voice their opinion though others may not like it or even be offended by that comment. I applaud you again on your good sense and desire to allow any and everyone the right to voice their opinion. The last week of the race I wore my ETNZ shirt, and today also. Will take it home to Spain next year and wear and keep it there. 😉 It was given to me by a kind kiwi soul whom I had met last year during the SF ACWS and we communicate regularly now.

    • All good! 🙂 Thanks Sandy for your unifying letter and for keeping this support forum going. Ditto to Tony’s comments as well. I love reading these comments, especially those from around the world. Love u all!

  229. Saw the news last night. Heartbreaking to see Dean and the guys so defeated. I don’t know how to get a message to them, but I so do hope you can get all these messages to them. Tonight on the news it sounded that Dean Barker wonders how welcome he will be coming back.
    A big “thank you” to “Eljay Arem (IMC OnAir) for the explanations!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Our Team NZ are the winners. no matter what the officials say. They were the ones that played it fair, real sportsmanship.
    Once more……….Congratulations

    • I’ve left a message on their Facebook wall Clemence, telling of the support here, but I’ve no more access than you do. Maybe they’ll see it, I don’t know. You could go and do the same thing. Tell them you’ll cheer them home. Tell everyone you know to do so.

  230. … we must make one aspect clear. The AC72 concept as catamarans isnt something really new (see link). We should keep that in mind to give tribute to all the big seafarer nations of ancient times… it was not “yacht” racing what we have seen in San Francisco bay (Rec.: The word Yacht originally was introduced to mean a sea going vessel used to convey important persons.) It was a high tech battle of flying (foiling) mashines with an aeroplane wing system as a result from a test laboratory and computer simulations… To give tribute to the real inventors the concept of the AC72 catamarans is more than 3000 years old…. pls read here:

  231. Orcale didnt win by sportsmanship ? – Had been a sensor system from Boing the real reason behind why the Oracle boat had such a heavy increase of performance during last days ? – The “bad taste” of manipulations within the AC2013 already started running around the globe via medias within less than 24 hours… how big will be the damage for sail racing sports itself ?? – Read more about…

  232. To run a computer/prozessor controlled sensor system on the Oracle boat they would have had to have stored energy on board/power source? That is not allowed. But it worked… and Oracle did it. So what about the rule book ? – Read this and we all will understand, that ETNZ does not need to feel bad…. What do you think, are the cameras (up to 7 HDs), microphones (3-5), antennas and the navigation software with the flash signals (called: RACE OFFICER COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT (RO-COMMS)) driven by ???? – Naturally the AC72 catamaranas have plenty of energy on board…. and reading the protocols then we see to what absurdity the questions and definitions it go (behind the closed curtain). – Under Rule No. 19.2 of the rule book is a wide range listed for what stored energy can be used: (Version 1.1 of July 2012)… and there existed an interpretation (No. 37) signed/answered lately in April 2013 already done in February 2011: and interpretation (No. 38) in June 2013: . I really wonder why there had been lately different interpretations of former rules more than 2 years old…. seems one or different teams liked to trick. Is this the reason why the use of the sensor system worked and speeded up the Oracle boat so heavily that you might have thought: Now they press the button and a Turbo (Sail) starts to work.

  233. Can you imagine to see this bad acting by Dean Baker ?? – I really cannot…. as I have always appreciated his calmness front camera… he really seems a polite, friendly guy, with manners…. Jimmy Spithill (or shall we call him now Spitman) was guest last night at Leno Show… but no !!!!! He didnt get the chance to present sail racing with dignity… instead he made himself a clown. Watch on your own:

    • Is this the way how professional sailors shall present themselfs ? – Just cheap show making missing any manner !!!!! It was an incenation…. all done by purpose. How rude (against the TV spectators) missing any politeness ? – And how can Jimmy follow such theatrical bluffs instead talking seriously with Leno about sail racing sports (and its future) ????? I suppose that way Jimmy avoided some critical questions about the manipulations by using a sensor system from aironautics (see link)… Sorry, guys, thats not what we want see as sailors (around the globe) on any TV screen in any country from a world class sailig profession. 100% dislike.

    • I think that Jimmy got order from Oracle team to keep his mouth and same Leno got instructions to avoid critical questions. So wha remains, is this “stupid show making”. How bad. We sailors (I was educated in Sailing in the 70th) always had been proud to be a good example as skipper/captains for other people…. with politeness, good manner, courage and knowledge. Thats not what we identify with how Jimmy presented himself so badly. Sorry fo the Global community of sailors to see such a bad example in one of US top shows.

  234. Jimmy Spithill’s “performance” would definitley not win any oscars, but what he lacks in grace and integrity… he makes up for in arrogance and finese. “Well done Jimmy, you’ve made the sailing fraternity so proud …”

  235. Thanks for every other informative website. The place else may I am getting that kind
    of information written in such an ideal manner?
    I have a challenge that I’m simply now running on, and I have been on the glance out
    for such info.

  236. I just came across your blog and it is amazing. I see I now have hours of entertainment – reading everything you have written – once I have shared you with everyone I know. Truly brilliant.

  237. Sandy, I came across your tribute to Team NZ and could not stop reading. Having grown up in a small town in West Otago, I relate to so much, especially the driving habits. My first lesson involved handbrake turns in a wet paddock in a Triumph Herald!!!! Keep writing, it is a joy to read

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