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Apparently recycling is a good thing to do at Christmas. So I’m doing just that. Spot the 2nd helping!

Christmas is coming and while some people might think that it’s all about Jesus, I know better. Christmas is about a huge meal, copious booze and presents, hopefully mostly for me. I am actually a big fan of the phrase and belief that it is better to give than to receive. I believe everyone should prescribe to this theory. I am going to give you my friends and followers some top tips on what to get for your better half.

Regardless of the gender. We want our other halves to think we look fabulous. We also know that while they might have great taste, we and we alone know what we look best in and are most comfortable wearing. So this Christmas, do your partner a favour and buy a lovely outfit you will love to wear and will look great in for them. You buy for them an amazing looking you (if you see what I mean). How generous and thoughtful is that? Also you don’t have the danger that a purchase for them won’t fit or they won’t like it. Buy it for yourself and you can try it on. They unwrap your gift of an outfit for you and you wear it for them. It works on every level.

If your other half is a keen cook, they are cooking not just for themselves but for you.  So get stuff for the kitchen to help them whisk up fabulous meals for you both to enjoy. Some lovely pots and pans or a blender, some fetching wooden spoons and some seasoning in an attractive hessian bag. Perfect. When they are creating  wonderful meals to keep you fed and happy they will look at the great kitchen utensils around them and know that you have contributed to their happiness.

Your other half is just as keen to look great for you as you for them and part of looking great is ones figure. Don’t get your partner chocolates. They won’t thank you for that. Chocolates make you fat and give you spots. How is that a good thing? Bad present planning. You want your beloved to be fit and healthy so get them some herbal tea, decaffeinated of course. Or perhaps some delicious healthy vegetables packaged in a nice recyclable cardboard box. A juicer, salad shredder and a diet book also make a great “I want you to live a long life with me” statement.

Another great idea for those with a few extra dollars is a smart camera for you to capture life’s moments together. Your other half will want to be in the snaps that record your lives so no point in giving them the camera. They will only resent having to take all the pictures instead of starring in them. No –  buy a really great camera for yourself and use it to give them a selection of pictures of themselves that you have taken with it.

Your other half wants you to be happy and comfortable so one of those great activity packages or treatments you can enjoy and can do together are always a good choice. Like racing sports cars or tank driving. Christmas is about sharing and getting something you will both enjoy, it just doubles the goodwill.

If you have a keen gardener, some garden tools are a fantastic option. Nothing says, “I want you to have an easier life” better than a high quality garden spade.

If you have serious money, how about a voucher for some cosmetic surgery? You want your partner to look and feel great and this is one way they can get the work done that will give them a real ‘lift’. Look them in the eye and say “I just want you to look better and feel better about yourself”. You know they will love you for it.

Unless you are loaded your beloved will always be aware of their money situation and what says “I want to help you” more than actual financial support? However unless it is to children, giving money is vulgar so instead give him or her a gift voucher for something you would like for your next gift getting occasion. This way they can enjoy choosing something special for you while not having to dip into their own meagre funds and resenting you for it.

Finally. We live in challenging times now, everyone is talking about austerity and climate change and your better half will be very keen to do their bit to make a contribution to the global fight against poverty and global warming. Once upon a time socks were looked upon as a bit of a poor present option, no longer., Now that is a statement about caring for the climate. Instead of turning up the heating they can pull on a pair of socks to keep warm. This will be doubled by the warm feeling they will enjoy for your act of consideration. As a nod to helping fight global poverty, give them the socks in a bag made from hemp which comes from the local charity shop. This will help the poor of Bangladesh feel they have a future and best of all, a meal. Everyone is a winner.

So there you go, A little bit of thinking outside the box will cement your relationship, help the two of you do more together and look forward to many long years of happiness and bliss.

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  1. OK – I still love it second time around. Actually I think it got even better in the reading. Not sure how well it goes with your ‘social awareness’ article though …

  2. I’ll have to get Natasha to read this so she can finally understand why she has been receiving these things as gifts from me. If only I could put thoughts into words as well as you…

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