World’s best cars?

This follows on from my previous post about Britain being Great. I was going to add some elements of what follows to that, but soon decided it needs a post of its own. The British Car industry. Firstly that’s the wrong title for the British car industry as they don’t make British cars in Scotland or Wales to the best of my knowledge. So I’m going to call it the English Car industry. English cars are the best in the world. There, simple. You are now thinking “but Sandy you are clearly mad on two counts. There is no longer a car industry in the UK as it has all been sold or gone bust and secondly, English cars are not as good as their continental or Japanese rivals.”

I say to you, rubbish. English cars are best and I’m going to tell you why.

It is worth remembering that the fact all the commonly known British (English) car names went bust was because the cars were rubbish. The names like Austin, Morris, Wolseley, Triumph, Reliant, Hillman, and Rover. All terrible cars designed for the more utilitarian olden days when no-one had any money. They could never have evolved into the modern era for the other reason that the British (English) car names went bust. This was because the communists who ran the Trade Unions in the 70’s had got everyone standing around outside the car plants smoking cigarettes and standing at Braziers rather than inside the plants making cars. It is pretty much impossible to make a car when you spend your day on a picket line. The people who pay for the manufacture of motor vehicles for the general public find this reluctance to do any work tiresome and ultimately pointless. The communists standing around shouting about the ‘rights of the workers’ without a trace of irony destroyed the car industry and the English had to buy other cars made properly overseas.

A handful of the truly great names soldiered on though. Rolls Royce, Bentley, Land Rover, Jaguar, and Aston Martin to name the best of them. These are the best cars in the world in each of their respective skill sets. These have all been sold to foreign buyers but that does not mean they are not British (English) cars. Who owns the factory does not matter. When you see a Land Rover do you think “Oh well now it is owned by some gentleman from the Sub-Continent it is not really a proper Land Rover anymore?”  Or that Aston Martin being owned by a chap who likes to walk about in what appears to be his pyjamas during the day makes the Aston less impressive? Of course not. That the cars are assembled inside British factories using British skill, science and labour makes them British (English) Cars. You may look at those names and still persevere “but Sandy, loads of cars are better than those”. I repeat, “Rubbish.” So to the nub of the tale, why are they the best?

Firstly it is a little known fact that Britain has the world’s biggest independent car making industry. Loads of clever people making great cars in small numbers in little factories all across the land.  Several Formula 1 teams are also based in England. But I’m here to talk about the big names. Let’s have a closer look at them and why they are the best.

Put it this way. When it comes to supercars, you have a selection of very fast continental cars to choose from. Small boys like the Lamborghini because its low and loud and fast and makes a good poster for someone young who has yet to evolve any taste. For a grown up though? The Lambo is the motoring equivalent of a ‘Prince Albert’. It is vulgar and brash. Fast yes, but Kate Middleton would not want to ride in one. Nicky Munaj might though, as might Cheryl Tweedy. The Ferrari is a splendid fast car but only looks right in bright red. You maybe would like to go for a drive in one once in a while but it will frighten you so you won’t want to find out how fast in can really go. If you do, chances are you will crash it into a tree. I’m not going to discuss the Porsche as it really is just for people visiting from the 1980’s. I’m sure it’s good and fast but to me it sounds like a Volkswagen beetle with a bigger engine and it reminds me of the 1980’s.

The Aston Martin though, say the name again. Aston Martin. It is as fast as any sane person is likely to want to find out a car can go. It looks like it means business from every angle without showing off too much. Also Kate Middleton would be far happier if you offered her a ride in one. Plus you can park it in a field at the Polo without bottoming out on some gravel on the way in. It’s a beautiful but meaningful car that looks like it has been made with some comfort in mind rather than being all about the ‘over the top’ style of its competitors. You feel like you might like to take a long journey to somewhere fabulous rather than flinging it round a race track of a weekend. James Bond dives one. The Aston Martin is the world’s best Super car. Look at the new one, just look at it!

I don’t even need to elaborate on the Rolls Royce. The Worlds bankers, Eurocrats, Dictators and tyrants move about in large German limousines. Royalty move about in a Rolls Royce. That’s all that needs to be said about that.

We come to the Jaguar. I have no idea why people when contemplating a large saloon car might go for the Audi, BMW or Mercedes rather than the Jaguar XF. The German cars are all about efficiency and dynamics. Technology and science. The German cars are something you drive to and from work. Or something you drive for work. They are about getting things done in the most efficient and competent manner. Driving the Jaguar though is like driving a seat in a Gentleman’s club to your country estate, for the weekend. It has all the science to make it do the clever things modern cars need to do but it feels and looks warm, luxurious and comfortable. Instead of cold, competent and boringly good at its job. The Jaguar XF is the world’s best saloon car. The Jaguar XK is the prettiest, most capable grand tourer or sports coupe available, in real world money. If not a new one certainly a 2nd hand one in a few years’ time. I’ll have mine in the best colour for a car please, British Racing Green. Moving on.

The Land Rover is the worlds best 4×4 or off road vehicle. You might like to venture that there are other excellent 4×4’s available. There are a handful yes, but none are as good as the Land Rover or more specifically the Range Rover. You may suggest that the Toyota Land Cruiser is the best 4×4 and in response I will put to you the following.

This is about a real 4×4 being used off road. So let’s find ourselves properly off road. Like in a third world hell-hole where there are no roads. You will find a great many Toyota variants, mostly covered in bandits and rebels. When the bad guys come and kidnap you to make millions from your family before cutting your head off on the internet, they will arrive by Toyota Hilux or Land Cruiser. When you have been rotting in a fetid prison for a year with no-one paying your ransom the British Government may finally decide to have a crack at getting you out as an election is looming. The Special Air Service will be sent to rescue you. They will not arrive in a Japanese pickup. They will arrive in a Range Rover. They will whisk you to the only civilised place on the entire continent which is the British Embassy. You will be served some pimms and a ticket home will be hastily arranged. From your embassy window you will see the local tyrants palace where a fleet of German limousines will be parked outside. You will be driven to the airport in the ambassadors Jaguar or Bentley to catch a flight home on an aeroplane most likely powered by Rolls Royce engines.

So as I was saying, English cars are the best in the world. One in British Racing Green please

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  1. I’ll go along with your sentiment, Sandy.

    But (shock horror) I drive two Japanese cars! Great workhorses, they are, too – one a practical 4×4 and one sporty little thing, but both a lot of fun to drive.

    And patriotism aside, isn’t that the point of motoring – to enjoy the ride 🙂

  2. Aston Martin, yes please. But Range Rovers look crap. They look like a my front room on wheels.

    • They have some arse end styling issues, I’ll concede, but if you had to drive from one end of the world to the other, you’d want the Rangy, promise

  3. A Range Rover! I was driving by the Rover dealership last week before getting on the A3. A new RR was going for £69,999. I was gobsmacked. The tax included in that price would be £12,000, twice what I have ever paid for a car. Alright, we drive an 11 year old Renault. It’s rubbish but I reckon it should be good for another 9 years or so at which time I’ll worry what to get.

  4. I drive a Discovery3 and although not as posh as the rangy, tends to get the technology, albeit a couple of years behind. Sure there are a few reliability issues, but many of the German General Staff car makers are running into the same kind of issues now that the tech is getting more advanced.

    Extremely capable off road, and I have the mud-splattered engine bay to prove it.

  5. Great article and sooo true, it saddens me that foreigners own the great names. Love your comment about French Cars, was always warned off them and then there’s the Italian offering, FIAT or “fix it again tomorrow”. Hubby was told by someone in the know at Mercedes they are now made in Brazil as well as Germany and indeed have had a few complaints from friends unhappy with the standard of Mercedes. Me, I drive a feature laden Japanese car purely because it has a 7 year warranty and it’s convenient. What I would love to drive? A Roller, nothing says British like a Rolls Royce.

    • I believe there are only about 6 major car companies left in the world now Sheila. They all own everything. The French cars have come on a lot in the last year or so. Big leaps in tech there. Really worth a look at what they’ve been up to. I’m a Land Rover and Jag fan though The New Jaguar F-Type is amazing. Have a look. I’ve had a tour of the Rolls Royce Factory. It’s owned by BMW now of course. :-/

  6. Oh dear, or dear, another rather misinformed colonial who gets things wrong out there in the arse end of the world (or Australasia as its called)! Firstly, it is the BRITISH car industry. “There are no cars made in Scotland or Wales.” There is more to a car industry than just the actual production, as there is what we europeans call “research and development”. When it comes to design and engineering, the car industry is British as it is actually spread right across the United Kingdom. For example, Ford makes engines at Bridgend in SE Wales, and Toyota makes engine at Deeside in North Wales. The designer of Aston Martin and Jaguar, Ian Callum, is a Scotsman. Donald Healey (he of Austin-Healey) was a Cornishman (Cornwall is one of the Celtic nations like Scotland and Wales in case you didn’t know). Charles Rolls (he of Rolls Royce fame) was Welsh, and in fact some of the very earliest Rollers were partly assembled in Monmouth. Ginetta’s are designed,researched and manufactured in Yorkshire – and before you say “yorkshire is in england”, most Yorkshiremen/women declare allegiance to Yorkshire first, England second. (Ginetta boss and professional Yorkshireman Lawrence Tomlinson is particularly proud that Ginetta incorporates Yorkshireness into their cars – straight talking, no nonsense). Also, even car manufacturers based in England, such as Lotus, Caterham, Jaguar, Land Rover and Bentley like to take their cars to the Brecon Beacons in Wales to test their development models on the daunting and high altitude Welsh roads. (In fact, Lotus has a special affinity of mid wales as there is an area called the Elan valley!). Sorry to be pedantic, but it is the BRITISH car industry. Rule Britannia!

    PS No offence, but cars made by colonials – Yanks, Australians and Kiwis are absolute shite – probably why nobody in Europe or Africa drives a Yank tank or Kiwi mobile. When it comes to cars, just like music, food, wine, beer, spirits, fashion, aviation, dogs, europe is best, After all, europeans invented the car – just like we invented everything else, such as the internet.

    Hope you enjoy my British humour!

    • Many thanks for your well informed and educational update on the British Car industry. Also your view on us here in the colonies and our motor industry. Misinformed you say? Hmmm

  7. PS, I am being a bit tongue in cheek from my earlier comments, but you have to admit, cars made in Australasia and North America are absolute rubbish, at least 20 years behind European technology. Agree?

    • I’m not aware of too many cars made in Australasia. They assemble some in Australia, bit not for long. Both Ford and General Motors who put a holden stamp on their Vauxhalls over here are bailing out of Australia. The only real Aussie cars were the Ford Falcon and the Holden Commodore, they are both to be extinct and but the makers were clearly international owners, Not Australian. The only car manufacturer in Aus will be Toyota. I’m actually not sure if anyone still assembles cars in New Zealand. I can’t speak for Americans of course but yes, everyone knows all their cars are crap. I discussed this point somewhere else in my blog

  8. No problem Sandy! Like I said, I was being tongue in cheek. When I say misinformed, I meant that you incorrectly assumed that all cars in the UK were designed, researched and engineered entirely in England. This isn’t strictly true – Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire and Cornwall have all made a contribution to the UK car industry. Did you know that conceptually the superb Land Rover Defender actually started out in Anglesey? In fact, the most loyal customer base for the Defender has actually been in Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire, Devon and Cornwall. If you watch Emmerdale, a soap opera based in Yorkshire (or God’s country as Yorkshiremen refer to it!) there always a Defender somewhere in shot – apart from the pub! Rick Stein, proud Cornishman and owner of a Padstow empire also drives a Defender. Anyway, no offence intended.

    PS In Britain, we call Americans yanks, and American cars yank tanks. Is this the same for you?

    • Cheers Gaz, as was I being a bit tongue in cheek when writing the piece. You’re a Yorkshireman aren’t you? I gather you haven’t had too much of a look at the rest of my stuff. I lived in the UK for 22 years and recently returned home to NZ. Here in the colonies we use similar colloquialisms to yours there to describe people from other colonies, like Yanks for example

  9. Dear sandy this is my first visit to your website, so I haven’t read the rest of your blogs, so I apologise for my ignorance, typical pommie bastard that I am! (See, I do have a sense of humour!) No, I’m not a Yorkshireman, but I have to been to God’s country, and Yorkshire may as well be a foreign country! Incidentally, Yorkshire’s other great contribution to the British car industry other than Ginetta is Mr Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson of Doncaster – despite the deep, clipped public school voice, Jezza is the epitome of a Yorkshireman – straight talking, opinionated, no nonsense, not afraid of being controversial and always, always correct! (Another significant Yorkshireman was, of course, Captain James Cook, who discovered AUS and NZ which, of course, began the processs of annexation of AUS and NZ to the British empire, but I guess you probably knew that).
    I was actually intrigued to read your piece on our car industry which is why I came to this website. I was actually quite delighted that you regard the machinery from our green and pleasant land to be the best in the world – which, as you correctly point out, it is. I just felt that you were a bit misinformed claiming that the UK car industry is entirely English – it isn’t, every nook and cranny from Lands’s End to John O Groats has contributed its part to this wonderful industry – I wasn’t trying to be smarmy or pretentious, just factual. You know us Brits – we do like our facts!
    Living in the UK for 22 years you may have noticed that Britain has grown increasingly Americanised unfortunately (certainly in our cities) – accept for one small things, and that is cars. As Jeremy Clarkson pointed out on an episode of Top Gear: “We British buy American clothes, we buy American music, we buy American food, we even buy into American wars [Iraq and Afghanistan], and yet none of us would touch a Yank-tank with a 50 foot barge pole.” Strange, eh, but the British will listen to some god awful Yank rap music (and dress like a Yankee rapper as well), but drive a Cadillac? No fucking chance!

    PS By the way, when Liz and Phil (i.e the Queen and Prince Phillip) visit New Zealand, do they still that have that specially built Rolls-Royce and Range Rover for them for ceremonial duties?

    Lots of love from Great Britain, Gaz

    • Welcome to you then, have a poke about. You might like to explore the motoring category as such a well informed car person. I tend to try to keep my posts around the 1000 word mark so sometimes specifics get cast aside for more convenient wild generalisations. I’m a big fan of Clarkson. We think alike in most respects. Not so sure about Yorkshire being Gods country though. Most seem to think NZ is Godzone country. Not sure if we’ll see Liz and Phil out here again but I believe William and Kate with the new heir are on their way soon, which is jolly splendid for us here in the colonies

  10. Dear Sandy, thanks. Well, we do drive on the left and have the same queen, after all! Few questions, if you dont mind.
    Firstly, what do you drive, and what sort of cars are popular in NZ – ie european and japanese hatchbacks, 4WD for the mountains, that sort of thing I presume? Also, are european sportscars popular with wealthy people (i.e Ferrari, Lamborighini, etc)
    Secondly, have you even been to Skippers Road? Bloody hell, that is what you call steep!!! You would have to be mental to drive down that!!!!!
    Thirdly, do you suffer the misery of Yank tourists visiting NZ? We do here, unfortunately. Here’s an amusing story though, I remember once in Oxfordshire (where the Mini HQ is incidentally, as are several Formula 1 teams) a few US tourists complaining about the fact that they couldn’t rent a car with an automatic gearbox and that European cars so “freakin small MANNN!” They were cliched Yanks as well: loud, brash, massive camera which are about several years behind what we have here in Europe, sandals with socks, baggy shorts, satchel on the bag, ughhh……………and also complaining that us Brits drive on the left, like countries that drive on the left are somehow wrong……
    I remember thinking, well actually you stupid Yanks 33% of the world drives on the left. Yes, mostly commonwealth countries (such as yourselves in NZ), but that’s still a third of humanity who changes gear with their left hand and gives way to the right. Incidentally, did you know that the countries with the highest quality of life, best living standards and most technologically advanced drive on the left an – Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore,, Hong Kong and Japan. At the other end of the scale, look at South America, a continent which drives on the right hand side and yet is blighted (cursed?) by massive inequality, appalling corruption, poverty and kidnapping. I’d rather live in a country that drives on the left, wouldn’t you?

    Respect and admiration,


    PS I bet during the amateur days of rugby union, any rugby player who played for the All Blacks gets a free car from their local dealership! (“No Mr Fitzpatrick, that Mercedes is yours! Hear are the keys!) By the way, I know that sort of thing was supposedly not supposed to happen during the amateur days, but I bet no All Black went without any twin axle motorised transport!

    • Cheers Gaz, I currently have the new 2013 Golf. A 1.4TSI engine which is absolutely remarkable. I can’t see it catching on here though as Kiwis still like a larger engine. Mostly here are Japanese Imports, cars who started their life in Japan and were bought over from there 2nd hand. They are everywhere. I’m not a fan of them. Plenty of 4×4’s of course and certainly plenty of super cars but nowhere to put your foot down as the roads are covered in Police. If you speed, you’ll get caught, simple. Why have a very fast car you can never drive very fast on the road? We have many American visitors yes, nothing like as many as you of course but mostly we like them as they are very friendly and bring money. Also there is less chance of comedy misunderstandings of culture here as we all wear shorts too. I know Skippers, it’s ok, much worse stuff here. England is positively flat by comparison. There are loads of hair raising roads for you to give your driving skills a work out on. NZ is an excellent driving holiday. In fact. I’ve said else where here. NZ is a road trip, The whole point of the place is what you can see out the windscreen. Cheerio for now!

  11. Dear Sandy, just before I go, what is your favourite engine sound from a relatively modern British car? The Jaguar V8 has that that magnificent V8 burble that sounds like Thor gargling nails, the Aston Martin V12 sounds like a hyena chasing after a zebra, and even the Range Rover/Land Rover diesel V6 has a lovely creamy bassy gurgle. However, you may find surprisingly, my favourite British engine sounds are small capacity turbocharged inline 4 or V6 engines, such as the 2.0 litre Cosworth turbo used by Caterham (also found in the Escort/Sierra Cosworth during the late 80s/early 90s) and the 2.2 litre turbo four pot Lotus used in the Esprit turbo. Weird? Maybe, but I love that muffled guttural growl you get from a small capacity turbo, what with the delicious sound of the wastegate banging and spluttering, so very different from the high pitched scream of a V12 or V10 used by the likes of Ferrari, Audi, Lamborghini and Pagani. I suppose its like comparing the Italian wailing opera singer versus the guttural roar of British beef of Tom Jones!

    Catch up with you soon, safe driving,


  12. Dear Sandy

    In response to Yorkshire being God’s country, that is what Yorkshiremen/women affectionately refer to their homeland……..Yorkshire cities are a bit drab looking, but the two Yorkshire national parks, the Dales and the Moors are very pretty, Yorkshire people are charming (although a bit gruff) and the roads out on the moors are stupendous, and of course Yorkshire gave the world Ginetta and Jezza Clarkson…….. As for England’s roads being relatively flat compared to NZ………did you ever go to the West Country, especially the Bristol Channel coast of Exmoor opposite Wales? Porlock Hill, Countisbury Hil and Lynmouth Hill are all at least 1 in 4 roads, some even 1 in 3……Cumbria, Yorkshire and Derbyshire also have their share of 1 in 4/1 in 3 roads. Trust me, they’re steep enough!!
    Yes, the Jag V8 is an epic sounding engine/exhaust. I’m not sure if it is a flatplane or a crossplane, although by its distinctive burble it sounds like a crossplane V8. Have to check. Personally though, still think a small capacity turbo charged european engine with its guttural growling nature sounds best (I guess as european cars are limited in NZ then you’ll probably not used to them).
    No offence Sandy, but the New Zealand car market seems very limited if you rely on second hand Japanese cars. Is there a huge import tax/tariff on new european cars?? Blimey, over here in the UK and Europe we really are spoiled for choice!

    PS New Zealanders like Yanks????? Bit different to over here, but I suppose european anti-americanism is deep rooted, after all, europeans have always had a superiority complex over the united states, regarding Yanks as brash, vulgar simpletons. Europeans believe in class, elegance, refinement and style, look at our cars, and then look at a yank-tank…….ugh…..actually, Chrysler are pulling out of the european market because of “disappointing sales”…… if us europeans, the continent of high culture would ever buy such brash vulgarity………as a certain Jeremy Clarkson of Doncaster (Yorkshire is very anti-american) remarked in Top Gear magazine: “The only reason you a European would buy a Jeep is because you couldn’t find your local Land Rover dealership” and “Europeans invented the wheel, and we’ve carried on refining it ever since………..which is why European cars are superior to anything else.”


    • Gaz, I expect you’ve had an unfortunate experience at the hands of an American or two but I’m not sure all 317 million of them are as awful as you suggest. I’m also surprised to learn that all of Yorkshire is anti-american. I’ll be sure to let my American readers know so they can give Gods Country a wide berth. This is a shame of course as many Americans are big fans of God and might quite like to visit his home. I’ll pass this snippet on though so there are no unfortunate arguments on the streets of Leeds or some such place.

  13. Dear Sandy, while I mostly agree with your essay, the car manufacturers you mentioned tend to make large, heavy, big engined V8/V12 front engined cars that historically you colonials tend to like – when I was a kid I always associated Rollers not with European royalty but fat yanks with their mullets, beards and baggy shorts. All power to you (literally!) and all that , but the best of british cars are not the likes of Rollers, Bentos and Jags – but light weight British specialist sports cars such as AC, Caterham, Morgan, Ariel, Lotus, Ginetta, Mclaren, Noble. It is very unlikely that yanks would ever drive these light weight Britsh sports cars because they are, um, not exactly light weight are they??? What’s more, the likes of Lotus, Ariel, Mclaren and Noble make mid engined sportsrcars which as we all know is the best layout for a performance car as you get perfect centre of gravity and aero balance between the front and rear axles. Combine excellent aero balance, light weight and perfect centre of gravity and you get British sports cars that can smash a yank tanks face in. Light weight british sports cars are like a jack russell, staffy, westie or a yorkie – small, yes, but light, agile, nimble, lightning change of direction, torquey, very reactive, low centre of gravity, superb aero balance.

    In short, John Bull is a British sports car. And he could still headbutt Uncle Sam into next week.


  14. Just heard the sad news that Jenson Button’s dad passed away, at the tragically early age of 70. Apparently a sudden heart attack. One of the most amiable and likeable people in the british motor sport industry, John was always there for Jenson, always supporting him through the years when things were not going great. My thoughts to Jenson and his sisters Tanya, Natasha and Samantha. If it is a small crumb of comfort in this difficult time for Jenson and the British F1 industry, at least John was able to see his brilliant son achieve their dream of a world championship in 2009, and passed on his easy going laid back yet mentally strength onto Jenson. Rest in peace John, everyone in the British Formula 1 industry will miss you.

  15. Dear Sandy,
    The reason for anti americanism sentiment in Britain and Europe runs deep. No disrespect, but New Zealand isn’t a big player on the world stage (apart from rugby union) – I’m not being nasty or disrespectful, but I guess because NZ is somewhat isolated the Yanks leave you all alone. Unfortunately, american foreign policy over the years has tried to bully and intimidate Great Britain into joining conflicts that we british believe are futile – Iraq and Afghanistan for example. They also stabbed us in the back over Suez in 1957, and dumped their perishing missiles on us during the 80s……….american foreign policy is very aggressive and abrasive and many europeans absolutely hate it with a passion, me included. Now, you could say that is a political issue rather than a social one, but American arrogance permeates through everything they do, including their shite cars……………….on the subject of Yorkshire, yes Yorkshire is somewhat anti-american. Yorkshire was one of the birthplaces of the centre-left socialist Labour party, and even today Yorkshire is regarded as a labour heartland. Of course european socialism and American hard nosed capitalism are two idealogical enemies, so it isn’t possible to like both. Like Scotland, Wales, Devon and Cornwall Yorkshire people prefer the collective european social ideal as opposed to the american capitalist one (Devon, Cornwall and Wales share the same Celtic culture as found in Brittany and the Basque country and look the same too). One yorkshireman who hates yanks with a passion is a certain Mr Jeremy Clarkson of Doncaster………go onto Youtube and see what he thinks of American cars (“all american cars are rubbish….”).
    Of course, not all British hate yanks, I accept that. But many of us loathe their foreign policy with a passion. Thankfully, over Syria we told the Yanks to fuck off, we ain’t joining you in that mate……have you noticed when we told Obama that we wouldn’t have any military involvement in Syria he went all quiet. and the rhetoric was dropped……….

    John Bull would indeed smash Uncle Sams face in………….go onto youtube and type in British vs USA boxing…………there’s a military boxing contest where a US marine takes on an ex SAS soldier, yes that’s right an ex SAS soldier..that we all respect here in Britain because they are the hardest meanest bastards in the world………….needless to say, Uncle Sam marine boy couldn’t even go two rounds with good old straight talking, no nonsense John Bull SAS soldier………so yes, John Bull would headbutt Uncle Sam into next week. If you think I’m talking nonsense, go to a West Ham, Cardiff City or Leeds United match, you’ll see why Uncle Sam would be put into intensive care………….(assuming he’s got health insurance because of course the Yanks don’t believe in British style free universal healthcare)..

    Anyway, I hope that explains anti american sentiment Sandy. Nothing against our commonwealth friends, full of respect for NZ and AUS, two of the least corrupt, well organised countries with some of the highest living standards in the world (although the wildlife in Australia is a bit nasty; go to the desert of the interior and get bitten by a snake; go to the swamps of the north and get eaten by a crocodile or going swimming in the east and get eaten by a shark! Charming wildlife!).

    Respect and admiration

    Gaz boy

  16. I forget to mention, Obama hates the British……….he had a bust of Churchill, one or greatest leaders removed, a very disrespectful act. I think because his Kenyan grandfather had a bust up in the 50s with our army he disliked it…….don’t know the full details of the story, but that’s something to do it. Still, we told the fucking twat to shove his Syria foreign policy up his arse last year……..

  17. Listen to the words of Jeremy Clarkson on Britain and Europe vs United States: “When Britain and France got together the world got Concorde, the greatest confluence of style and engineering the world has ever seen. When Britain and Italy got together the world get the Lotus Esprit, one of the greatest drivers car ever and the personal transport of James Bond. When Britain and Germany got together we ended with the new mini. When Britain and euopean countries get together we get fantastic high tech engineering marvels. More than you can say about Americans.”

  18. I’m very surprised that New Zealanders are pro-USA. Don’t you remember Vietnam? That caused a storm of protest all over New Zealand and Australia. Thank goodness the straight talking no nonsense Yorkshireman Harold Wilson told the Yanks to piss off with that one. See, more examples of Yorkshire anti-americanism in action!

  19. Start a blog? Nah…………much better responding to other peoples!
    Anyway, I feel I’m getting a little off topic now I’ve got my Yank bashing off my chest.
    If you like the Jar V8 sound, go onto youtube and type in Truimph Stag V8 burble. A guy managed to place his microphone right next to the exhaust. Trully magnificent gurgling V8 sound. See what you think!

  20. Sandy, I mentioned earlier I love lightweight British sportscars such as Ginetta, Caterham Lotus and Noble. Do you like them? Or do you prefer the more luxurious bigger engined grand tourers heavyweights such as Jags and Aston rather than the flyweight Ginettas, Lotus et al?
    You mentioned you have a VW Golf 1.4 TSi, I’m assuming that’s the turbo compounding engine – superb engine, massive torque in mid range. The british and european car market is dominated by european hatchbacks such as the Golf, Fiesta, Polo, Corsa, Fiat 500, Ford Ka , Focus, Astra and so on, particularly with the new generation turbo compounding engines such as the 1.0 Ford Ecoboost (its a 1.0 litre 3 clyinder turbo engine which can produce 130 Bhp and 130 lb ft of torque! From 1 litre and 3 clyinders!). You’ve obviously got european roots if you euro hatchbacks! Which leads to me ask; you said New Zealanders like big capacity normally aspirated engines, unlike here in Europe. Why is this? A macho thing? Or is there is an obesity epidemic happening in Australasia that requires fat people to drive large engined cars because small cars are too small for them?????

  21. Here’s a bit of fun, animal/car engine analogies…………

    Bugatti/Citeza V16 – demonic wolf gurgling

    Aston Martin/Ferrari/Lamborghini/AMG Mercedes V12 – hyena wailing

    Audi/BMWLexus/Lamborghini/Porsche V10 – Siberian husky howling

    Jaguar/Aston Martin/Maserati V8 German shepperd/Alsatian growling

    Porsche/BMW flat 6 – staffy bull terrier coughing

    Ferrari/Lotus/Mercedes/FordNissan/V6 – boxer dog barking

    Cosworth/Lotus/BMW turbo inline 4 – westie yapping

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