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  1. Glad to see you’re a Slog subscriber now. If you go to Google, it appears your main competition is a Brazilian hooker and another Kiwi who travels about a lot.
    Anyway, you’re right. Much better to face useless Wales than quite useful France. And so nice to see the sympathetic UK press attitude to our defeat last week.
    Oliver Litterbin is starting his own personal vendetta against recycling anal retentives. He and Bob should become our new heroes.

  2. Well if you’re going to stop emailing me to remind me to read the slog, I’ll have to subscribe to it. Brazilian Hooker? Really? Did you know that The all Blacks reserve Hooker is named…Hore? One does wonder what your chum Letwin was doing wandering about London parks putting official docs in the bins. We can have a laugh about that over a beer. Colonel Bob for Defence Secretary!!

  3. I agree!! Yay the All Blacks!! Down with France!

    Oh I will have every part of me crossed this weekend and be praying too! I told my students if the All Blacks won I would get them all a treat! 😀

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