Irish issues

Everyone will know that some Northern Irish people have historically been setting off bombs in shopping centres and such places because they wanted to be part of Ireland rather than Britain. Also once upon a time and sadly nowadays from time to time some of the Northern Irish general public amuse themselves by throwing bottles and firebombs. Occasionally having riots, driving buses at policemen and generally behaving like an out of control rabble. This appears to often have something to do with some men who want to walk around in orange shirts beating drums and waving flags. On other occasions it is unclear what the fuss is about. What the hell is wrong with these people? I wish the press would stop going on like anyone outside Ireland knows or cares what a nationalist, unionist, loyalist, dissident republican or whatever else is. We understood that the IRA wanted the troops out but I have no idea and couldn’t care less what the unionists or republicans or loyalists or nationalists want now. It would seem that some people want to go for a noisy walk and others don’t want them to. Surely this is playground stuff?

Are there really grown people fighting tooth and nail over such ridiculous trivia? As always in Ireland what we actually have here is two sides of the imaginary friend divide. They hate each other to death over who’s ill-informed interpretation of an ancient fairy tale is best.  I say ill-informed because I am going to go out on a limb and guess that only a tiny percentage of these frothing haters have ever actually read a religious tome of any sort. They will be basing their views on massively biased stories. Handed down by uneducated, hate filled breeders of hate filled urchins who learn how to throw bricks the minute they can walk.

People will soon start killing each other in proper numbers in foreign lands over access to water or food, this will happen in our lifetime. Then hopefully these ridiculous, intolerant bigots will see what utter tools they are for getting so worked up about such bullshit. This applies to both sides. Her Majesty the Queen had to go and make friends with a bloke who is neither her nor Great Britain’s friend. Reconciliation apparently. I’m not convinced he was all that reconciled if I’m honest. Also it just occurred to me that before he retired you used to see Ian Paisley all over the telly shouting about stuff. I have/had no idea what religion he is, what side he was on, and what he was on about, apart from ‘injustice.  To me he was just an old shouty Irishman.

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