Before the world cup final, I would like to say this to the All Blacks.

Hi guys, I am Sandy, just a member of the New Zealand public who has the opportunity to say a few words to you.  You have your drills and tactics, you are fit and ready. There has been some pain in the past but every man in New Zealand would sell his soul to be in your position today. You are about to take the field to achieve the pinnacle of your career and fulfill the hopes of your country. Your predecessors and some of you have been here before. You know or can imagine what failure feels like. Forget that. You are going to go out and fulfil the expectation your countrymen have of you.

You are here because you are the best men in New Zealand at what you do. You will be playing against men who wish in their heart of hearts that they were wearing your jersey today instead. The All Blacks are the embodiment of everything great about the game of Rugby. Pretty much everywhere you play in the world the home crowd know you are the best. They hope their boys will do well but they know they have their work cut out.

The opposition right now are going to be told something along the lines of how this match against you is their greatest test. This is the real benchmark, this is where they prove themselves and so on. They know they are not as good as you and their fans know it. Lets go out there and demonstrate once again that is the case.  Don’t get me wrong, those boys in the other shed will grow an extra pair and come out ready to try and take you to pieces but they will have to play the best game of their lives just to live with you on the park, so trust in yourselves and trust in your teammates.

The black jersey you wear is part of the very fabric of our country. People will tell their grandchildren about what they see today. There are people from New Zealand all over the world glued to TV screens in friendly and hostile lands, Their hopes and dreams resting on what you do today. You have inherited a legend, you are part of what makes New Zealand the greatest Rugby nation on Earth. You are an hour and a half away from this being the most incredible day of your lives. Go out there and make yourself famous and make New Zealand proud.

This is the greatest show on earth on this day. You are at the best in the world at this and your time has come. Lets play, lets win, let’s make the people of New Zealand remember this day with joy for their rest of their lives. It’s now up to you. Lets go.

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    • Holly, I am chilled. I write stuff because I enjoy it. A rugby World cup final is a big deal to us. Its a big deal to the All Blacks. Thank you though for taking the time to make a comment. I hope you watch the game.

  1. Sandy, that’s such a nice positive message. As ao ardent All Black supporter for many, many years and being from south africa, that really send shivers down my spine. Very good!

    • Thankyou Norma. I really appreciate that. And thank you for your support from SA. My grandad played 4 tests against your boys back in 1928. 1st AB’s tour. He got sent off though against Transvaal. 1st All Black sent off in South Africa! Thanks so much for reading my little speech.

  2. good on ya mate. i went to both semi finals, what a great atmosphere, you would have loved it. eden park, i have to tip my hat……
    now its time to smash those unworthy french.

  3. Cheers Tim, Last time I went to a World cup match was Cardiff in 2007, the previous one I attended was Twickenham in 1999. I have watched our world unfold in the flesh. It’s time. Looking forward to sunday.

  4. Lovely piece of writing mate you have captured perfectly what those boys in black mean to us all.

    Can’t wait for Monday when we will be world champions and the undeserving chokers tag has been well and truly put to bed


  5. Thanks Pete, glad you like it. I wish I was going to be there to see it. I shall be watching though in my man chair, TV in High Definition with the surround on full blast. Thanks for keeping the milk coming. Cheers

  6. Nice one Sandy, Churchill couldn’t have put it better himself. I will be there behind the posts, so will Pete but don’t know where he is yet. Tweet like mad! See you at the other end……

  7. Cheers Greg, behind the posts? Last time I was behind the posts in a Rugby Stadium was Cardiff in 2007. I really hope your view and day is better than mine was. I will be tweeting at some stage, before the game of course and when I have relaxed during it.

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