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Sand rainMy blog is just where I think out loud as I have said before. It is designed to entertain, inform and amuse other people though rather than as a vessel for me to amuse myself. People write for all sorts of reasons, some like to write novels and fiction, tell elaborate stories and sell millions of books. I’m pretty sure I am incapable of doing that as I don’t have that much imagination. Others like to write elaborate history books or go into enormous detail about a particular topic they are familiar with to inform other people. I haven’t the patience or attention to detail for that. What I like to do is give my take on things I see, have learned or experienced or just that I know to be so and I try to do it in an entertaining way. It seems sometimes I succeed. Which is great and that makes me happy.

What all writers want though is to be published and in the old days you had to convince publishers to take your work and make a book out of it to put in a book shop. That’s all very well but so many writers couldn’t convince anyone to publish their work so it languishes somewhere in a box. Their labour of love, unloved and unread. That’s very sad for them.  Not for me though!

This is what I’m really pleased about. I doubt any publisher with any sense would go anywhere near my writing, so I’ve published it myself because I can and that’s brilliant.

I’ve done a biography of my own life for my family and friends to know what I’ve been up to since I left home and made a book out of it. It seems those who have had a look think it’s quite good!

My book, funny how things turn out

I have also made a book of what I think are the best bits of my blog in the first couple of years. Like a selection of short stories, essays, travel tales, insights and observations. You might think ‘but it’s on your blog, why make it a book?’ Well because funnily enough there are far more people who haven’t read my blog than people who have and some like to be entertained or informed using an old fashioned paper pages proper book.

Sandysviews, the book

Or an eBook which is even available in the iBookstore on Apple! How cool is that?

Sandysviews preview in iTunes

I’m finishing off the last 18 months work into a ‘Sandy’s other views’ volume two, kind of thing. It’s proving time consuming doing all the formatting though. One day!

So there you have it. If you want to be a writer and see your stuff in print, just get on with it and do it yourself because you can. We live in a different world now. I’ve got written work, in actual books available in book stores. They may not be in the High Street but I’m not really a proper author, just someone who likes to write and aspired to see my work in print, which it is and that’s brilliant. So I’m happy. That’s all.

Finally? The real book, the novel. I’ve started it and this is how it begins. You’ll have to wait to see how it ends.  It’s most likely going to be called ‘The crossings’

My novel, the start

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  1. Hi. Followed your link and had a quick look about your fascinating site. Gonna come back with a big coffee and sit down for a right good read.
    Lady Carol x

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