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Crossroads of disgrace

The crossroads of disgrace. Most people are disgusted by Trump declaring war on US citizens, who had his militia fire rubber bullets and smoke grenades upon peaceful protestors, including members of the clergy so he could have a photo opportunity in front of a church he doesn’t attend holding up a book he doesn’t read.

Meanwhile there are people who believe this is awesome, and his declaration of war upon protesters, protesting police brutality is absolutely the best way to deal with angry people.

Nobody, apart from criminals, think looting and rioting is ok. The vast majority of the protestors went out of their way to stop the looters and violent activists from diminishing the power of protest with mindless acts of destruction.

However, Trump lumps them all together, at the crossroads. Worthless words of being an ally of protest. He hates protest unless it’s noisy demonstrations of support for him.

There is little apparent vocal support on the street for Trump these last two weeks. His noise is irrelevant to the protests

However, he’s sown the seeds of division and hatred for 3 years which are now coming home to roost alongside the boiling rage at discrimination.

He’s elevated nazis and white supremacists. Very fine people’ he said.

He’s encouraged police brutality at his rallies, he’s effectively declared martial law to brutally crush public dissent at generations of police brutality against minorities. The police weren’t bad enough, let’s bring in the military! He’s made a very bad situation worse by continuing his epic failures of leadership, by offering threats rather than promises.

By offering increased violence in retribution rather than trying to understand or address the motivations of the protests, Trump has shown he has zero interest in equality, fairness,compassion, tolerance, understanding or reason. He’s only interested in boot lickers and lickspittle. Most likely every single one of the protesters across the USA tonight would be machine gunned to death from helicopter gunships if he was able to have his way.

He’s a monster. A wannabe dictator and a narcissistic psychopath.

Yet millions of Americans inexplicably support him and cheer him on….This is why America is on it’s own now as a nation. No allies, no friends apart from like minded lunatics. No global support. Alone, isolated, ridiculed. This is what Trump has brought upon the ‘United States’ of America.

Who will support the USA now? Where do they go from here? Amazingly we haven’t even got to the worst bit yet. Who can guess what that looks like?

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  1. You have said it in a nutshell, the fear is that he will do something that will be a catalyst that destroys his country and indeed the world as we know it! Dark times!!!

    • Cheers! True though, the reality is, my fear is that he’ll declare the November election invalid due to voter fraud when he loses, and refuse to leave the White House. His gun toting cult followers will go on a murderous rampage. Literal civil war. The saddest fact is that isn’t an unreasonable expectation.

  2. It is highly likely that Donald Trump will win the election fair and square. The American economy has boomed under his leadership, wages have increased, employment has increased to the point that a lack of labour is hindering further economic growth. There has been no mention from Donald Trump about helicopter gunships. He most certainly has support from other countries, Australia and great Britain to name two of many. There is no suggestion of harm to peaceful protestors but rather protection for people carrying out their legal right to go about their business without fear of harm to themselves or their property

    • His leadership had nothing to do with the state of the economy, which was far from booming. America might have reluctant allies but He does not have support, apart from other toxic charlatans like Johnson and Bolsenaro. His co-opted militia did harm peaceful protestors live on camera. Try watching something other than his personal propaganda channel. He is by some margin, the worst President in US history who lies several times a day, every single day, in his own words on Twitter and on camera. The media reports his own words on twitter or on camera and he cries fake news as though it wasn’t something he had literally just said. He’s a malignant thug and a gangster who has brought his country so low, ridicule and with pity are how the world now regards the USA. He’s made the American flag into a symbol of hate or mockery.

  3. I have followed US Presidential elections since Eisenhower won in 1952. My record on picking the winner has been spotty at best but I did think Trump had a chance of winning in 2016 on election day. I lived there many years and have seen the system from the inside.

    I think he has hardly any chance of winning in November if the unemployment rate is over 10 per cent – it is officially 15 per cent at the moment but in reality over 30 per cent. He lost by 3 million votes last time and should lose by more this time. His chance of squeaking an electoral college majority is almost zero, all the must-win states are in play and he is behind in most.

    But the problems of the US are far deeper than the miserable human being that presently occupies the White House. The country is something of a dystopian nightmare and a power in decline riven by internal contradictions and facing a rising power in China. The country needs systemic reform across the board, of which there is no chance with the present electoral set up. It is a recipe for more violence. On China, it is the classic Thucydades trap of a rising and a declining power clashing. Not happy times!

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